A “Slice of Life” Tuesday, sponsored by those amazing ladies, Stacey and Ruth, at http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com.

Opening Day…at long last!  Our Middle School closed early this year and opened late in order for major construction to take place – new science, art and music rooms, plus a revamped auditorium.  The longer summer break was nice, but as other schools began to open for the new year, I felt left out and “homesick” – it just did not feel right to be mid-September without school in session.  Finally, we were allowed into the building two weeks ago and given the go ahead to find our classroom stuff and unpack.  The building looked wonderful…but it was chaos in the classrooms – boxes, and boxes and boxes of books and materials to locate, unpack and find homes for.            
     BUT…it felt wonderful to get going again, to head to the teacher supply store for those odds and ends, to envision one’s room and bring it alive for the new students.  I loved opening boxes and finding old post its flutter away from well read books, to discover a student’s reading journal tucked between folders – what a lot of great work we did! to unearth old projects wedged between bookcases.  It took days and days of work, in a building rather still and silent.  I could hear “my kids” – students past, present and future – making the most of those last days of summer vacation in yards and playing fields, and that filled me with memories and anticipation.  When the room was finally “done,” with back to school folders and name tags at the ready, I was just about bursting with energy and enthusiasm: a new school year!
     And today they arrived, a whole new batch of sixth graders!  The building felt alive again with their voices and their exuberance – it felt so right.  And even though I did not find a moment to sit down all day, and I already feel my voice beginning to give way, I am so glad that I get to have another year of sixth grade and sixth graders again.
From chaos to order…at least for now…



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