Anchor charts

One of the items that went missing from my classroom during our summer construction was the garment rack I used to hang my anchor charts from.  This was a pretty expensive item, and I’ve decided to hold off replacing it until I can find something cheap.  In the meantime, I’ve discovered that I’ve started using wall space to display our learning – and it actually works much better for reference purposes.  Our poetry charts now hang in the front of our room, and I noticed my students using it on Thursday  (our poetry day) as they went about crafting and responding to poetry.  
We are now off and running with our Poetry Thursdays- a poem to unpack for homework, discussion and “unpacking” and then our first crafting lessons.  Once again, Nancie Atwells’ lessons on crafting are the mainstay of my minilessons.   Her examples of going from response paragraph to finished poem are the best example of the process, although I have managed to cull some of my own student samples from last year and the year before (NOTE TO SELF: do more of this!).
I also came upon this website, which is now on my class website poetry page…this was so much fun, that I spent quite a bit of time fooling around with various creations myself. 



2 thoughts on “Anchor charts

  1. I am also using ideas from Lessons that Change Writers this year. A couple of weeks ago I just did the leads lesson. My students all wanted to read the rest of the student writing about the car in the lake!

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