Starting off a new year of planning

The New Year begins with …lesson planning!  The year breaks down into three segments for me – September through December, January through Spring Break, and the final leg through closing day.  The middle part is in many ways the busiest – the NJASK looms, we have our big away from school field trip to plan and execute, and some of our biggest Social Studies projects to carry out.  Today, I have the overall plan for the year to consider in light of this middle section – what will the next four months look like? what new projects can I replace old (now tired) projects with? where can I fit in some “experiments” – new approaches and studies to try out for the first time?  
I know that the next few weeks will bring the following firsts:
1. Genre based literature circles – we’ll start with nonfiction.
2. Digital storytelling –  I want to experiment with biographies, and have my students research  member of their family for this project.
3.  A poetry slam – I’d like to have my a.m. and p.m. classes do this one winter afternoon during their recess time.  
4.  Use Google maps  as a resource for our Lewis and Clark project – we can plot the expedition using real maps! Very cool.
5. Slice of Life in our notebooks for weekly gallery walks/sharing time.
As always, the possibilities seem endless – how to fit it all in is the question!
Books I’m reading and getting ready to blog about:

3 thoughts on “Starting off a new year of planning

  1. Thank you for posting your project ideas! I (as a third-year teacher) am getting a pretty good handle on the concepts that I teach, but the vehicles (i.e. fun an interesting essays and projects) are even harder to create and plan! Here's to a "new" year!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have scanned some of your entries and realize I will need to come back and do some serious reading….lots of good ideas!

  3. I teach kindergarten and have been planning in my head all week. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to sit down and map out some projects. I see my year split up into the same three parts. The new year is an exciting time when I feel refreshed and ready to hit the ground running!! Happy New Year and thank for sharing your thoughts!

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