Launching Writing Workshop: Semester Two

     Tomorrow marks the first day of the new semester, and the first Writing Workshop for my afternoon block class.  I wish the powers that be could see the value in ensuring that we have writing workshop all year, but this is all we have for now and I’ll take it.  Semester two writing workshop comes with pros and cons  – on the pro side: I know my kids as writers and students already, and they know me; we have already begun using the writer’s notebook for our “Slice of Life” entries, and the notebook has been set up already.  On the con side – the second half of the year often feels chock full with vacation time, field trips and end of the year concerts, the regular flow of workshop often feels choppy and interrupted.  For some reason, this semester just feels shorter – and we have so much to do!
     Here are my goals in welcoming my students to this “new” class:
  • let them know right away that writing workshop has a different rhythm from anything we have ever done together thus far
  • give them a flavor of the sense of satisfaction that comes from having to work at the craft of writing
  • open up as a practicing writer myself, so that they see that being a writer is something we do outside of a class devoted to writing
  • instill in them the same delight my morning class had at the chance to open their notebooks, their imaginations, their experiences, and dive into capturing all of that into a piece of writing..

….let the writing begin!


2 thoughts on “Launching Writing Workshop: Semester Two

  1. I agree with you – even though it's really just a little over the half way mark, the second half of the year always goes so much faster with testing, breaks and other annual events! Enjoy workshop!

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