Slice of Life Tuesday: The Ice Cream Truck Returns

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     Saturday was a beautiful day – blue skies and warm sunshine: the kind of day when  the call of the outdoors and the garden sings loud and clear over lesson planning, laundry, mundane chores…and even writing!  How could one resist? So I found myself plonked down amidst the pachysandra and the dandelions, weeding and listening to the sounds of warm weather.  Kids were playing outdoors, bikes whooshed down the street, and happy dogs wagged up and down the street, enjoying multiple walks and chipmunks galore.  Into this pleasant good weather choir entered another sound – the ice cream truck making its way around the neighborhood.
     When we first moved into our present house, our kids were of the age when ice cream is just about the most blissful treat.  There were other kids on our block who were of the same age and felt the same way.  Our  ice cream man was canny – he’d pull into the neighborhood just about when the homework hours were done – my kids would skip out gleefully, knowing that they had (more or less) earned their treats.  The truck would pull up by the curb a few streets away, and soon there would be a line of excited kids, clutching change and eagerly making their choices known. 
     As the years passed, and our children’s tastes changed from strawberry shortcake to Starbucks, the ice cream truck vanished from our neck of the woods.  We’d still hear the familiar “Do your ears hang low…” song it played as it wound its way around town – but we never saw the pink and white truck meander down our block any more.  But times change…our neighbors sent their kids off to college and quite a few moved away. New neighbors have moved in, and on Saturday I had a chance to see some of them.
    At the sound of the truck (still a distance away), a sort of cheer seemed to ripple through the neighborhood.  Children stopped their play and ran indoors to announce the  news – the ice cream man was here!  Doors slammed as they ran out again, and made their way to “the curb.”   Soon, business was brisk as children descended upon the corner and noisily waited their turn.  It was such a delightful sight – one that went perfectly with the warm weather and sunshine and Springy-ness of the day.

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: The Ice Cream Truck Returns

  1. I'm glad you wrote about that circle of our lives that goes around and around. It was a lovely day at my house too, Saturday, but now back raining again. I love how you said you sat among the pachysandra and the dandelions.

  2. I could really picture the part at the beginning where you talked about the dogs walking and the bikes whooshing. And for the record, I'm grown and love nothing more than a Nutty Buddy from the ice cream truck.

  3. First of all, that is the cutest darn ice cream truck I have ever seen! I can relate to your line about your kids moving from strawberry shortcake to Starbucks. I love the line when the bikes whooshed and the dogs wagged. Very vivid.

  4. Gotta love the ice cream truck! I used to love getting something cool and sweet from the ice cream truck when I was a kid, and now I enjoy watching my own kids do it!

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