Bidding goodbye to the class of 2010-2011

     I haven’t blogged in a while – it was almost painful to write about the last week of the school year…although I knew that the kids felt just like Calvin, and I felt as though (gasp!) I didn’t want to teach anything new.  But, Thursday finally rolled around, we had our blow out end of the year party, and I was able to make through my “end of the year speech” without too much tearing up.  After the kids left, I sat in our completely trashed classroom (we had 50 kids – some of them students from years past dancing up a storm for the last hour of the school day) and read the thank you notes and goodbye messages on the board.
     I went back on Friday to pack up the room – every item is now in a neatly labeled box: room number and items within.  I guess I am a little OCD about these things.  Packing those boxes is like packing away the year – I found post-its tucked away in books (ques.- what’s the character’s motivation here??!!), scrunched up tests with bad grades (See me ASAP! Mrs. Smith!!!), candy wrappers and one half eaten bagel ( how did that make it past my classroom door??).  I saved some projects as examples and cast away whatever was left of this particular year – papers, notebooks, completed maps.  I tossed out dried up markers and crayons broken to bits, the dry erase boards were wiped sparkling clean and the posters came down from the walls to get tossed out, too –  I start every year with a “new look” befitting a new class.  By 4 o’clock the room looked bare – boxes everywhere.  The building was absolutely still – it was about to rain, and I felt exhausted.   

     I have the summer to be with my own children 24-7, I have lots of reading and writing to do, and a much looked forward to vacation in August. The class of ’10-’11 will be back to visit…and I will soon begin preparing for the class of ’11-’12.


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