Starting a summer routine

     The first day of summer break!  I have about nine weeks of unstructured time in which to unwind from the school year, enjoy my family, reflect upon the year that was and plan for the year to be.  From past experience, I know that these weeks will fly by…there is much to do, and I might as well set about getting it done.  One of the items that’s high on my list is this teaching blog. 
     I’ve always intended to use “A Teaching Life” as a place for reflection, planning and compiling resources.   Int the year or so that I’ve kept it going, it has also become a place in which I can communicate with other teachers – through their blogs and their comments.  I’ve joined  communities like Tuesday’s “Slice of Life” and “Poetry Friday” to expand my thinking, and I’ve managed to “link in” with other teachers through the comments they leave (I LOVE when readers leave comments!!). 
     During the school year, this blog becomes a place where I can sketch out new teaching ideas and reflect upon what worked; it is also a place where I can jot down what I notice about my kids’ learning habits and lives.  With summer comes a shift – the classroom laboratory is no longer there, and I need to think about what I write about in a different sort of way.  As a person who needs structure, I thought of dedicating each day to a specific focus.  Of course, this may get boring, but it will also help me organize myself better – summer can be a time when organized teachers ( like me!) actually embrace a bit of disorganization…forget the neatly stacked, color coded folders, and prioritized lists!  Who needs discipline and plans in summer time!!!  But I feel that I’ll never accomplish anything unless I have some sense of structure…so here goes:

  • Monday: A reflection on one thing I’d like to re-tweak for next year.
  • Tuesday: Slice of Life – thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this year-round experience I love!
  • Wednesday: Nonfiction reflection/review of new text
  • Thursday: Fiction reflection/review of new text
  • Friday: Poetry Friday!
  • Saturday: Professional reading reflection/ review of new text
  • Sunday:??????    

     I’m, hoping, too, to get some sort of professional reading book club going…anyone interested in participating???  Perhaps once a week on a different blog with a different “discussion leader”??? Let me know and we can get started!!



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