Poetry Friday: Jane Kenyon

Poetry Friday is hosted by Andromeda Jazmon at http://awrungsponge.blogspot.com/

I have this strange belief that my favorite books take on identities: the comfort giver, the laugh inducer, the escape artist…and so on.  I may see any of the above lying around the house, neatly shelved, or propped up against the coffee maker and I instantly feel that particular book’s individual presence.  Then, of course, I must decide – do I need comfort? could I use a gentle jest? 
So, when I found Jane Kenyon’s “Otherwise: New and Selected Poems” buried under a stack of yet-to-be read New Yorkers, I knew instantly that I had found a special friend – someone who makes me pause to consider beauty in the particulars…consider, for instance:

In Several Colors Every morning, cup of coffee
in hand, I look out at the mountain.
Ordinarily it’s blue, but today
it’s the color of an eggplant.

And the sky turns
from gray to pale apricot
as the sun rolls up
Main Street in Andover.

I study the cat’s face
and find a trace of white
around each eye, as if
he made himself up today
for a part in the opera.

Every poem in this collection is a gem – to be read and savored and contemplated upon.  For a short biography of Jane Kenyon, and for more of her poems, you can visit:

Jane Kenyon

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