Slice of Life Tuesday: My road to the gym…

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     Two years ago, on the eve of my 50th. birthday, my  brother took me out to a lovely dinner.  I was a year into my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and had just learned that I needed  corneal transplants in both eyes – as I sat in this beautiful restaurant, surrounded by beautiful people (everyone in San Francisco is beautiful – every day and everywhere), I really felt pretty awful and sorry for myself.  I mentioned this to my brother, and, bless his ever loving heart, rather than console me and feed my self pity he said: “Well…do something about it. Work out – it will make you feel so much better. ” 

      So, when I got back to New Jersey I began looking into gyms – motivated in no small part by the fact that every time I talked to my brother (twice a week) he’d ask about  it.  I made lots of excuses – too far, not enough flexibility in terms of hours, smelly….anything to keep from signing up and committing to any one place.   A year passed, and my brother stopped asking.  Whenever I mentioned my aches and pains, there would be a long pause and I knew (even though he was all the way on the other coast) what he was thinking:  Well, do something about it.  
     In January, when the winter’s cold began  to really take a toll and just about every day was a “bad day,” I pulled myself together enough to make it to a local gym.  A very energetic and peppy young lady took one look at my “work out clothes” (some schmatta I’d found at the bottom of the closet) and worn out sneakers and kindly suggested that I wear something else next time.  I looked at all the other ladies present, took note of their color-coordinated work out gear, and decided she was right.  At any rate, I took part in a trial session with these fashionable workout enthusiasts, and was soon completely outclassed.  Ten minutes into a hyper-energetic routine, I slunk out quietly…so much for that!
   Come June, I found myself talking to my daughter about fibromyalgia and  exercise – she began by rhapsodizing (literally) about the joys of pilates and yoga, but soon  came around to taking up her uncle’s line of argument:  Well, do something about it.   A new gym just for women had opened up in my town, so I paid a visit.  This is what I found:
     Surely I would be able to find my “workout self” in this lovely place, I thought.  There were plenty of women my age walking around with exercise schmattas and no one seemed to mind mine, so I signed on with a trainer for several weeks of one on one sessions.  We got off to a rocky start – I was hopelessly un-coordinated (who would have guessed that I was a fierce and fearsome field hockey player in my school girl days?!)  and it was somehow difficult to remember the various routines and how to use the equipment – which, quite frankly, intimidated me.  But each week brought its own progress and by today, the last day of our sessions, I was able to complete the entire routine  on my own.
     So, I guess I learned that it’s never too late to start exercising and taking care of oneself – no matter what the physical challenges.  My little brother was so right (as he usually is) doing something about it really has made a difference.  Before I left the gym today, I signed up for a 6-month series of small group classes…I may even trade in my work out schmatta for something color coordinated!

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: My road to the gym…

  1. "Doing something" about it is not the advice we want to hear, but it is the best. My husband is the same advice giver. And as irritating as it is, it is the right thing. I hope you have found the gym that will work for you. Any trainer that would suggest that you wear something else is not helpful. When did we decide that you had to have the right outfit in which to exercise or ride a bike?I wish you well in your fitness program. You have given me something to think about, and hopefully, do something about.

  2. So, I'm going to say the words: "You go, girl!" You must be so proud of yourself for finally beginning, and for feeling that this just might be good. It is hard to take that first plunge, yet it seems that you have family and now a trainer to cheer you on. Thanks for sharing the difficult steps to your success.

  3. Way to go! Finding the right place and routine is key. I need to do "something" too. You may have inspired me. At least I am thinking about it. That's the first step!

  4. That was such a fun post. Your new gym looks gorgeous and inspiring. I'm so glad that you found a gym that fits you…that's super important. Good luck with your continued first steps.

  5. What a great feeling. I am glad that you found your rhythm. It is always good to keep in mind that we have control over our lives and nice to have people to remind us that.

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