Slice of Life Tuesday: Still thinking about our summer vacation…

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     We arrived home last night –  our summer vacation may be over, but we have lots of wonderful memories to relive, smile about and savor.  In some ways, that is the best and most lasting aspect of holidays in general, I think: the memories made.  St. Jean-Cap Ferrat, where we made my parents’ vacation house our home away from home for two weeks, is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  And the terrace upon which we began and ended our days holds some of my best memories of the summer.  
     Every morning, we raised the big wooden shutters to this scene:
 There was something so other worldly about the endlessly changing sea and sky and the play of sunlight upon all the greens and fuchsias and yellows – one’s spirit felt transformed and at peace.  You just knew it was going to be a glorious day.  The first ones up would make a dash into town to pick up breakfast – and every morning we breakfasted together, something we never do at home anymore.  
     As we feasted upon buttery, melt-in-your-mouth croissants and fresh baguettes, we’d plan the day – swimming in the sea? exploring mountain villages nestled in the towering  cliffs which dropped down to the sea? trekking  off to Provence for a road trip? walking along the coast to the mesmerizing sound track of the Mediterranean?  For the most part, our daily lives have all five of us going off in so many different directions – and these days, we are rarely even in the same geographic region anymore.  It was wonderful to have that same common experience of figuring out what to do together – how we would spend our day together.  I loved that!
     And, at the end of the day, wherever we’d been, we’d wind up on that beloved terrace again – to look upon how the night sky and the moon had altered our view:
     So, we are back.  Suitcases lie all over the place waiting to be unpacked.  There is the dog to be picked up as soon as the kennel opens, the refrigerator needs to be re-stocked, there is a dentist and a doctor to be visited…and we have to help get our  oldest ready for her move to graduate school on Saturday.  “Real life” is about to begin….but my spirit lingers on that terrace, still.

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Still thinking about our summer vacation…

  1. I wonder why life can't be like that always. I guess if it was, this wouldn't be as special. I'd be willing to risk it! It sounds like you had a glorious time of togetherness! And what a view!

  2. Sounds like an incredible two weeks! What wonderful views! I know what you mean about returning to "real life." It's hard, but the memories live forever.

  3. You must have many more memories to tell, but that way you began & ended on the terrace makes this piece so special, with the pics, too. Your line 'my spirit lingers on that terrace, still' is beautiful.

  4. OMG, that's beautiful! Like you, I just got home from vacation. We were in Ogunquit, a place I treasure in SE Maine, just like you hold St. Jean-Cap Ferrat dear. That reminds me, I have to go and unpack s'more!

  5. We just returned from a trip to the Mountains in Montana. So much of what you wrote spoke to me too. We are so busy most of the year and as our children grow they are further away. Having time together is so very special.

  6. Gorgeous! Love the photos by day and by night. Print those photographs. Frame them. Leave them out as a constant reminder of your memories because life does go on . . .

  7. Beautiful capture of the emotion around spending time together, and beautiful capture of the pictures that makes me oh-so-jealous! I spent time on a balcony over-looking Puget Sound for vacation, and there is something about over-looking any body of water that brings peace like nothing else. Welcome home!

  8. Stunning photographs! The last part of your post made me laugh. I too will be moving my daughter and all her junk back to college this weekend. Your writing took me from fantasy to reality.

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