Back to school preparation…NOT!!!

Here we are, five days away from opening day (not counting the Labor Day weekend, when our building will be closed), and this is what my classroom looked like yesterday:

The promised airconditioning units sit by the window, and all the contents of my neatly packed (now demolished) bookshelves and storage closet have been tossed onto desk tops.  A layer of dust covers every surface, and the chaos is so complete that I was left speechless.  There are things in my room that clearly do not belong to me (the class flag is for the room next door – my cheerful, blue ” Room 202″ is nowhere to be found).
Last year, at this time, my room was ready to go – even my plants were in place!  There is something about having the classroom just so that really makes me (and I imagine all teachers) feel really ready to begin the school year.  The order does not last long, our kids begin to leave their mark upon the empty bulletin boards, the book shelves look used and everywhere are signs of this or that project in progress.  Very soon, the faces and voices and personalities  that will live in this room will fill it with vibrant life.  But those few days when all is ready and waiting, when I can sit at my little desk and imagine the year, when I can collect my thoughts and plans and sort of breathe in all my hopes and dreams for the year in that still and orderly space…that, it seems, is not to be.
So, I went to a classroom organizer website  and had to content myself with this…the way my room will look sometime next week:  

Soon, I will pack up all that needs to be copied for those first days and drive over to school.  I will (calmly) make inquiries of our esteemed administrators and try and get a handle on just how and when they expect some semblance of order to return….and I will try not to panic…or cry!


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