Slice of Life Tuesday: Re-discovering a long lost friend

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Two Writing Teachers 
     When my husband was in Law School, he had a most fascinating housemate – a Russian artist who had lived the life one reads about in spy novels about life in the Soviet Union.   When we knew him, he was a struggling artist trying to find a place for himself in America – never an easy thing to accomplish.  Eugene’s art was brilliant – he had a unique perspective and his work was humorous, poignant and perceptive.  At the end of the school year, Eugene moved out – he was heading west, to USC and film school.  For years thereafter, sure that Eugene was doing something epic with his talent, we tried to track  him down…to no avail.  Until last Thursday…
     Scott suddenly realized that he’d been searching for Eugene’s name with the wrong spelling.  His new search took him directly to Eugene, who had indeed made a wonderful career for himself – in film, in art, in (of all things) children’s books.  We were so excited to discover Eugene and  his website, and spent many hours (once again) enjoying his genius through pictures like these:

     Eugene’s latest book, Breaking Stalin’s Nose , will be out soon, and we look forward to reading it – especially because (we guess) that this story will reflect some of Eugene’s own experiences which he had shared with us so many years ago in a shabby Boston apartment, before any of us knew where our lives would take us next. 
P.S.Check out his children’s books website here and his “grown up” art site here.

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