Slice of Life Tuesday: Snow in October

     Snow in October! The leaves have barely begun to turn their green coats into the the reds, yellows and oranges of Fall…and we have a nor’easter hurtling through.  On Saturday afternoon, I took our dog Sophie for a quick-before-the-storm gets really bad walk.  By then, we already had a few inches of thick, wet snow.  The wind had picked up and was blowing snow sideways, pelting our coats and making it difficult to see.  Sophie, who is usually loves winter walks filled with snow to dive into and snowballs to chase, was reluctant to go very far.  Something about this particular storm seem to give her pause.  At one point, we stopped and just listened – there was no one else about, just the driving wind, the heavy snow…and the trees, groaning under the weight of their green leaves now covered in shrouds of white.  Every so often, we’d hear a thud of snow shaken free from some branch high above.  Then, a sudden gust of wind would race through lower branches and send snow shivering down.  And then we heard a crack from way above – one of the grand ladies on our street had finally succumbed to the weight of  Mother Nature, and a green leaved branch came crashing down.   It was time to head back indoors, and Sophie wasted no time leading me back.
     Today, a visitor to our village posted this video he’d made of Saturday’s storm on our local news feed; it really captures the element I found so eerily beautiful on that snowy walk – the sound.   You can hear those lovely old trees responding to this wintry challenge:

Bedford Road, Ridgewood on Saturday.Professor of Videojournalism at Hofstra University,


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Snow in October

  1. I've heard about your storm. We had ours last week, and more is coming down from the north tonight (I'm in Denver). The photo is beautiful nonetheless, and the video sound is what I especially liked. It's a great idea to show for their slice of life writing. "Close your eyes; just listen, listen!"

  2. And we got it up in Maine just after you did! We usually get snow flurries sometime in October, but not like this! And usually the leaves are gone by now in the rains we usually have. But some are still green this year! Loved the sounds on the video. It got my cat's attention!

  3. Snow days in October are not right. I wondered if any "slicers" were affected. I know the sound of trees breaking, we had an ice storm a few years ago. Loved your reference to the trees as old ladies. Hopefully it all melts soon and life returns to normal.

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