Slice of Life: They say you can’t go home again…

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     We were driving back from Massachusetts on Sunday, my husband and I, making good time down the Merritt Parkway.  There were still patches of blazing yellow and golden orange – even wisps of flaming red. Not even an October nor’easter can cancel Fall in the Northeast.  We had just spent the weekend catching up with old friends – Scott’s law school buddy, best men at each others’ wedding, companion in law firm angst.  It had been wonderful to see each other without kids in tow…where did the last 25 years go?? It seemed like yesterday that we were meeting at cheap restaurants in Brookline and Cambridge, plotting this or that move and game plan.  
     We were still reminiscing on the way home –  trying to remember this or that detail.
Suddenly, Scott saw the exit for New Canaan, ConnecticutMy parents had lived there for a few years, and the last event to be celebrated on those rambling grounds was our very own wedding.  A small river meandered through one end of the property, and my parents had built a deck to enjoy its charms – the perfect spot upon which to take our marriage vows.  
     Naturally, without having to say a word, both of us felt the need to find our way back to the old house.  Initial unfamiliarity gave way to recognition – a house here, a stone wall there, a vista over the horizon, and soon we were at the mouth of the old driveway…and then in front of the house itself.  The darkened windows told us that no one was home, and we got out of the car to stand there in the fading light – remembering so many moments from so long ago.  Houses change with every new owner, but somehow we can still see the home it was when we lived there ourselves. Of course, we remembered the day when climbed into our funky car-on-its-last-legs, festooned with balloons and “just marrieds,” and sailed off  as newly weds to the tune of our family’s shouts of cheer and joy .  We took a quick photograph and then gently backed out … ready to get back home.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life: They say you can’t go home again…

  1. Such a lovely weekend of remembering old times. It's good to hear you're still in touch with those friends. They knew you when, right? It's comforting to have that history. I like the way you included the autumn scene too. Something about this season makes us so nostalgic.

  2. What a beautiful home (notice I said home… it's more than just a house)!BTW: My in-laws live right near there. We just went to Boston a little over a week ago and dropped our daughter off with my in-laws. We took the Merritt so I completely connected with the images you described.

  3. I know that feeling of connection with past homes. It is powerful that you were able to share the memories the house evoked with your husband. I especially like the image you painted of the car on its last legs, all decked out in celebration.

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