Slice of Life Tuesday: …what was I supposed to remember that I’ve now forgotten???

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers
     Having our college age kids back home for the holidays brings many delights and some complications – there are now more people who can drive in our family than cars in our garage.  Every time I tried to take off on my errands on Saturday, I was faced with missing car keys and empty driveway.  By the time I finally had access to my  minivan, it was late afternoon and I felt I had fallen impossibly behind – my list had doubled in size as I had been waiting around!  Before anyone could get in the way, I threw on my coat, grabbed by bag and raced off.
     On my way, finally, I took a moment to breathe deeply and prepare for my errand rounds – it would be a productive few hours.  I was, as my kids would say pumped!  At the first light, I reached for my list…not there! In my haste to leave, I had left it right on the island in the kitchen, the very spot I kept returning to as I was waiting for someone to return home and pause long enough to allow me access to my keys.   I didn’t dare go back, so I began thinking about that list: what was on it?  I could remember a list of places, but not the specifics…I tried to visualize the list, but that did not help, either.  I kept thinking about that list as I drove on, racking my brain, trying to trace my thinking as I had gone about creating that list in the first place.  Then I found myself making a left turn into a familiar parking lot – on auto pilot, I had driven to school!
     Feeling utterly foolish, I decided to get to the grocery store – surely there was something there that I had needed and put on that infernal list; it would come to me as I cruised the aisles…and so I set off again.  Once I had found a spot in the parking lot, I felt a return to my efficient self – I had gone grocery shopping without a list plenty of times and survived. I could do this.  So, I grabbed a cart and began to stride purposefully in.  Not three steps in, I was stopped by a friendly voice: “Mrs. Smith, how are you…happy holidays!!” 
     I did not recognize this lovely lady – although she seemed to know me quite well.  This happens when you teach the upper grade levels; you see parents on back to school night, maybe on a field trip or two, or if they’ve requested a conference. They are not familiar faces as they are in the elementary grades.  Often it takes just a minute or two to put the pieces together (usually from the gist of the conversation) and connect student to the parent in front of me…but not this time.  Luckily, she was more interested in talking to me than with me, and I was able to end the conversation with holiday wishes all around before she could cotton on to the fact that I was clueless about her identity.
     I wandered up and down aisles feeling a bit deflated – two memory lapses in a row had left me feeling unsettled.  Should I make a valiant effort to shop without that list…should I call it quits, or go home and get the list?  Deciding to do the latter, I plucked up two poinsettia plants on the way out – just in case anyone saw me get home empty handed.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: …what was I supposed to remember that I’ve now forgotten???

  1. So late commenting, but you made me feel better, Tara. It's been a long day! What a discombobulating time for you! (Like the word?) I ran into a former student of a long time ago today & while I remember her fondly, I couldn't place her name, until she left. Oh my, I was so sorry I couldn't say goodbye with a name! I hope you get the car and the list tomorrow. My colleagues at school with college-aged kids say similar things. Their lives are not their own when the kids are back. Merry Christmas!

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