Slice of Life Tuesday: One Little Word 2012

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

 Yesterday, ready to get back to my teaching life, I logged on to Two Writing Teachers as I often do.  Stacey had written about the purpose and process of settling upon “One Little Word” for the new year.  This is something I meant to do last year, tried to do last year…but never got around to.  But Stacey’s line about “living with one little word as your guide throughout an entire year provides you with more clarity” really resonated with me this time, and so I spent yesterday thinking about and writing about possible “one little words.”  Like Christy and Juliann , I played around with words that spoke to me – words that  felt had a connection and relevance to my life at this particular time, this particular year.
At the end of all that writing and thinking, I settled on this one:


1. Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects; intentional
2. Arising from or marked by careful consideration: a deliberate decision. 
3. Unhurried and careful: moved at a deliberate pace.
v.(-ə-rāt) de·lib·er·at·ed , de·lib·er·at·ing , de·lib·er·ates

v. intr.

1. To think carefully and often slowly, as about a choice to be made.

I liked the fact that this one little word was both an adjective that would describe my thought processes as well as an verb describing how I would put that into practice. These days, it seems, we are bombarded with new ways to teach, new technologies to infuse into our teaching and new mandated tests and core standards to address.  On a personal level, too, there are so many choices one faces at every turn of the road: where to travel, which child to spend one on one time with, how to be attentive to an ever widening set of goals and relationships.  Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day !  I think this word will help me focus – to be deliberate, to deliberate over choice…that’s a worthy OWL to see me through 2012.


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: One Little Word 2012

  1. Great choice. I'm having fun reading about everyone's One Little Word choices. I like that you shared all the definitions and what it means to you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tara! I too like that your word has two uses, adjective and verb. It sounds like a caring way to start the new year, to deliberate about your life's choices, to be deliberate in all actions. I am struggling with choosing, maybe 'struggle' will be the word this time. Thank you for sharing your process (your deliberation) as you came to a choice!

  3. I'm like you in previous years unable to settle on a word but have decided on a word for this year. (that will be next week's slice) You have chosen a great word for the new year. Here's to the power of one little word!

  4. I love hearing about OLWs and how people have decided on their word. I hope that you enjoy your first year having a OLW. This will be my third year, and I always love the process.

  5. Good word! I also like that it can be an adjective and a verb. I would like a word like that – flexible enough to last the year and perhaps it has some surprises in store too. I picked a good word last year but I forgot what it was by May. This year I would like to make a more deliberate choice (and if I write it in a post then I won't forget it!)

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