Resolutions 2012

As New Years Eve approaches, the inevitable idea of resolutions for the new year becomes part of one’s thinking process: what do I want to accomplish this year? what guiding ideas should I turn to to make sure it is a productive and fulfilling one?  Like most teachers, I think of the new year really beginning in September – a new list of students, a new list of curricular goals, a “new look” to the old classroom.  But, there is something about “January 1st.” that feels like a new beginning – a time to set down a few resolutions (as I get older, that list seems to shrink and become more realistic!)  – so I will take up Mor Zrihen’s invitation to do so at  A Teacher’s Treasure, especially since the directions were so easy!
1. copy and paste this image to your post & link it to this party!
2. Make sure you include both personal & professional goals.
3. No more than 3-5 goals for each.

Here goes:

  • Devote more time to technology so that I can do more with my students
  • Shift my focus to Social Studies a bit more, infusing more of that technology into  my lesson plans and learning projects
  • Take better, more organized notes in both reading workshop and writing workshop – both my students and I will benefit from this!


  • Exercise! Stop making excuses and find the time
  • Write, write, write – take those percolating ideas and writing scraps and put them to use!
  • Socialize more – a working life is all well and good, but so is staying in touch with friends and building relationships

Done!  That wasn’t so bad…now I’ll have to print this out and tack it to my bulletin board in my office…and remember to look at it more than once in a while!


3 thoughts on “Resolutions 2012

  1. Great goals!!! Try incorporating Social Studies & Language Arts. Teach the LA & Reading benchmarks using the Social Studies text. It really helps and you get much more accomplished that way.I made the "socialize" resolution last year and did much better because of it this year.Thanks for linking up!❤ Mor Zrihen ❤A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Best wishes, Tara. I like your term "guiding ideas" & might copy it. It seems more helpful than just "goals" but maybe I'm just mincing words. I'm looking forward to the writing, too, & to reading what you have to say about your class in the new year. Here we go…

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