Poetry Friday: The round up is here!!!

Welcome to Poetry Friday!  I’ve been “saving” this poem for today, in anticipation of all the new poets we will be introduced to during the course of the day:

A New Poet

Finding a new poet
is like finding a new wildflower
out in the woods. You don’t see

its name in the flower books, and
nobody you tell believes
in its odd color or the way

its leaves grow in splayed rows
down the whole length of the page. In fact
the very page smells of spilled

red wine and the mustiness of the sea
on a foggy day – the odor of truth
and of lying.

And the words are so familiar,
so strangely new, words
you almost wrote yourself, if only

in your dreams there had been a pencil
or a pen or even a paintbrush,
if only there had been a flower.

Linda Pastan

I’ll be checking my comments all day and posting your contributions before school, after school, and whenever I catch a moment in between teaching my sixth graders.

….and the roundup:

Charles Ghigna (Father Goose)  has two poems to share, one for kids at Father Goose  and one for the rest of us at Bald Ego

Robyn Hood Black is celebrating a new year of Haiku at Read, Write, Howl .

Linda at TeacherDance is using her One Little Word as inspiration to collect some magnificent poems of comfort.

Greg  shares an original poem the title alone of which is sure to pique interest: The Evolution of the Toilet (A Brief History)

Tabatha marks the 600th. anniversary of the birth of Joan of Arc with a poem in her honor at The Opposite of Indifference.

Myra posts a 2-in-one-special – a review of Shel Silverstein at Gathering Books.

Mary Lee adds to A Reading Year’s weeklong series on digital mentor texts in the writing workshop with a post on digital POETRY mentor texts.

Carol is in today with a review of DEAR HOT DOG, one of the CYBILS finalists in the Poetry Category.

Sorry folks, I’m having real issues with Blogger today, but here’s the next set of contributions:

Katya found some lovely poems as she was cleaning out her studio, lucky for us!

Diane Mayr at Random Noodling explore Emily Dickinson haikus among other treasures.

Laura Salas is in with student written odes today.

Jama treats us to a Nancy Scott poem and a recipe.

Ed DeCaria makes his Poetry Friday debut with a poem that takes us back to the holidays. Welcome Ed!

Amy shares a review of a “newish old favorite”!

Irene Latham gifts us an original poem inspired by a post on Jeannine Atkinson’s blog.

Elaine is in with an original fairy tale poem written in the form of a FAX from Cinderella to Prince Charming (fun!) at Wild Rose Reader.

I’ll check in again at lunch for the next batch of poets and poems!

Jeannine Atkins gives us lots to think about as she turns from writing poetry to writing novels at her blog Views From A Window Seat.

Also new to Poetry Friday, Renee shares one of her charming children’s poems .  Welcome, Renee!

The Write Sisters   are doggin’ it over at their blog with a doggie poem AND and adorable picture of Cooper!

Sally at Paper Tigers shares a post on Linda Sue Park’s Bee-Bim-Bop.

David Elzey shares an original poem about a house in his neighborhood . Thank you for your patience in posting, Daid – Blogger seems to be experiencing difficulty (or maybe it’s just because this is my first time hosting!)

Mandy is in with a triolet (that’s a new one for me!) at WriteOnTheWorld.

Tabatha intrigues us with a poet who is both new and old and the same time.

Whew…I think I’ve rounded up everyone who has posted until this moment (11:44) – off to teach a unit on the photo essay and I’ll be back to include everyone else!

Catherine, at The Cath in the Hat (love that blog title!)  joins us for the first time with a review of The Hound Dog’s Haiku. Welcome!

Jim shares a “quirky, personal and/or just-plain-weird offering for the week” – lots of fun!

At Readertotz  Lorie Ann has a poem perfect for Friday the 13th., and a haiku for us to enjoy at On Point.

Andi is in with another gorgeous haiku and photograph for us to enjoy at A Wrung Sponge.

Karen shares a video about something we can all relate to: The Joy of Books!

Jone shares a poem by William Stafford …and  another adorable doggie photograph – Buster!

April at Teaching Authors  is in with a book giveaway contest and interview with author/illustrator Barney Saltzberg, who talks about what he tells his students regarding writing rhyming stories. He also 
shares a poem about bullying.

Ruth  shares a beautiful photograph (truly!) and a companion William Carlos Williams poem.

Sit at typewriter  is in with an original poem.

Amy at The Poem Farm shares an original poem about finding luck and throwing eyelashes.

Jan contributes mentor texts at BookSeeStudio.


38 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The round up is here!!!

  1. I was in such a rush on Friday to get you my link, I didn't read YOUR poem! PERFECT for a "hosting the roundup" poem! Thanks for being a great rounder-upper. It's Poetry SUNDAY for me as I prepare to follow all of your carefully prepared links and leave comments!

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