Social Studies: Interactive Supreme Court Sites

We arrived at our investigation of Marbury vs. Madison this week, so this afternoon I called up my old Power Point presentation to practice taking us all on our virtual tour of the Supreme Court tomorrow.   I can’t even remember how many hours it took me to put this together – to find the links, the photographs, the videos, the everything-needed-to-make-this interesting stuff that will make my kids understand how truly cool our Supreme Court is.  
Once I began viewing the presentation, I couldn’t help but feel that it was somewhat….well, lame.  So I set about converting this Power Point into a Prezi with some new stuff to make it more interesting, and came upon these amazing sites – all about the Supreme Court, it’s history and it’s present day workings:
1. The Oyez Project – this site “walks” you up those grand stairs and into the building – you can view close ups and panoramic views, and get a wonderfully real sense of the grandeur of this place.
2.  Also at the Oyez Project is a recording of the “Oyez” call to order.  I love sharing this with my kids – it’s such a neat way to get that “you are right there” feeling.  
3.  C-Span has its own Supreme Court site which shows the history of its building, interviews with the Justices and glimpses into the robing room, the filing room and the justices’ offices.  How cool is that?!
So – away with the old Power Point and on with these interactive sites!

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