Slice of Life Tuesday: Students notice EVERYTHING!

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

     As most teachers do, I dress for comfort – whatever it is has to work for the kneeling-by-the-side-of-the-desk conferences, or the sitting-on-the-floor-conferences, or the pacing-around-the-room discussion sessions.  The most important item has to be the shoes I wear – shoes, I have found, are the key to comfort.  So, when I discovered these about a year ago, I knew that I had discovered shoe heaven:

     These Bjorn flats go with everything, look fantastic (I think!) and feel like walking on air.  They came in seven lovely colors, some basic and some whimsical, and I bought them all.  The one pair I wear all the time, especially come winter, is the black one.  From the time I leave the house in the morning, to the time I kick them off in the mudroom on the way into our house in the evening, my feet are happy in their flowered glory.  Yesterday morning, I plucked the beige pair in my collection just for a better “match” and sashayed off to school.
     I thought nothing more of shoes as I stood before my morning class and went over our Monday morning “peek at the week.”  Until Caitlin, forthright and full of things to take note of, piped up, “Hey, Mrs. Smith…you FINALLY got another pair of shoes!!  YAY!!” 
     Our students notice everything – from new eyeglasses we get to a different haircut (or hair color!)…so I should’t be surprised that my class is also paying attention to the shoes I wear …. and had felt some sympathy for my very limited selection.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Students notice EVERYTHING!

  1. Love hearing this. They do notice, although sometimes you find out at the funniest times, like this time with the shoes. I agree that comfort is the key, but remember so long ago when I began teaching (first grade, too) that I had to wear heels & nylons, skirts, etc. I still can't imagine how I fingerpainted all dressed up, but I did. Bjorn shoes are really good; glad you found some you liked, and that you pleased the students too (te he).

  2. Toooo funny! I will have to check out these shoes, I love Bjorn shoes but can only afford them on clearance tables.Your word choice had me laughing as I pictured you sashaying into school.

  3. Comfy shoes are a must! I've never worn Bjorn, but must try it after reading your endorsement. I'm a big fan of Naot, which is the only decent brand of shoes I've been able to wear with my tendonitis and plantar fascitiis. I feel your (foot) pain!

  4. I am in need of some new teaching shoes. I will have to check these out. It is amazing the things kids notice. I thought you were going to say you had on two different color shoes!

  5. I have been looking for teaching shoes! Thanks for the endorsement, coming out of an office I need a completely new wardrobe as I am sure my business suits and 4 inch heels just will not work in a classroom!

  6. Haha, it's so cute when they notice things like that! How funny that they thought you only had the one pair. I might have to check those out – I'm always on the lookout for comfy teaching shoes. My feet are so tired by the end of every day!

  7. I love how even my 8th graders will interrupt a lesson with some comment about my outfit or hair. Teachers seriously need those make-up and hair people for in between lessons that television stars get during commercial breaks!

  8. What a fun slice! It is amazing what students will notice and pay attention to — and their timing is always impeccable. Cute shoes (I think!) — guess you'll need to wear a different pair the rest of the week!

  9. Well, now I have another shoe to try. Comfort is of the utmost importance…then style. So when they have both, it is truly a wonderful find! Yes, students notice everything. New glasses, new shoes, a bandaid on your finger, even cutting my hair an inch…I guess they're paying attention to something!

  10. This struck me today, I was just looking at my selection of shoes thinking…I need something that feels better and looks cuter! I will be doing a little search for these later. My students would also be very impressed. 🙂

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