Wonderopolis update

     We have been working with Wonderopolis for a whole quarter now, and I am so glad that I took the plunge and went ahead with this particular learning adventure.  The daily topics are so high-interest, that this homework assignment is one that they actually like doing – with 493 (as of today) Wonders to choose from, there is something to pique everyone’s curiosity, and I think the format is just so student friendly that looking for a Wonder to explore is part of the fun.
     The Wonder Trackers   we work on help to give a purpose and focus to the explorations.  The notebooks below illustrate how engaged my students are, and how our weekly assignments have become a dialogue in nonfiction study.

      The next step, I think, will be both important as well as tricky.  Here are some ways in which I could extend this project:
1. Maria at Teaching in the 21st. Century  wrote  a fabulous post about using Wonderopolis in a unit on persuasive writing, this is something I want to take on as well – partly as a skill building  exercise for the NJASK.
2.  Extending a topic covered by a Wonder into a research project – in other words exploring some of those questions they’ve already generated in their Wonder Trackers.
3. Creating a Wonder of their own.  I will be attending a workshop on digital writing in March, and hope that it will give me the tools (and the confidence!) I will need  to experiment with this project.
     I’m curious about how other teachers have used Wonderopolis in their classrooms…would anyone care to share ideas????


3 thoughts on “Wonderopolis update

  1. Thanks for the shout out-I love the WONDER notebook idea. We collect our thinking in what ever subject matter the WONDER applies to. We are going digital for our next project. Students choose their own wonder and we're going to use WIKI to comment back and forth on their research. What conference in March are you attending??

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