Off to Teacher’s College for a mini-institute on the Common Core Standards

 I am busy packing at the moment and getting ready for this:

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project
The February Mini-Institute
Content Area Literacy & the Common Core State Standards:
Using Performance Assessments and Studies of Student Work
to Reach Ambitious New Standards
Monday,, February 20th – Thursday,, February 23rd,, 2012
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Every time I attend an event at the Reading Writing Project, I feel so empowered and affirmed as an educator.   This mini institute is especially important, what with the new Common Core Standards and the soon-to-be-announced PARCC assessments.  I am looking forward to four intense days of working at TC to achieve its stated goal:

This institute will help educators at all levels develop the curriculum and methods necessary to ensure that students reach the rigorous new standards for content area literacy embedded in the Common Core. Participants will learn a repertoire of skills for teaching readers to think and read analytically about nonfiction texts, including the skills of reading for central ideas, synthesizing, and comparing and contrasting. Participants will draft action plans aimed at revising curriculum in social studies (grades 3-8), science (grades K-2) and language arts.
The institute will focus not only on nonfiction reading, but also on nonfiction writing, with an emphasis on writing quick content area essays. Participants will learn ways to help students write fluently across the curriculum, using writing as a tool for analytical thinking.

 The institute will help participants develop and use performance assessments to track students’ progress in some of the higher-level comprehension skills inherent in the CCSS. You will find that performance assessments can help you ramp up the level of comprehension and teach with concreteness and clarity.

As with all things TC, I expect that the next four days will leave me plenty to think about and plenty more to put into practice in my own classroom and (hopefully) in our middle school.  And, as with all things TC, I expect my day to so so full of learning opportunities that I will barely have enough energy to make the long trek back to New Jersey after each session.  So, goodbye to the weeks’ blogging endeavors and hello Teacher’s College!


5 thoughts on “Off to Teacher’s College for a mini-institute on the Common Core Standards

  1. I love going to the TC Institutes. I learn so much! I look forward to hearing what you got out of the week! Two of my colleagues will be there. I thought about doing it, but just could not muster up the energy to give up my vacaction. Enjoy the learning!

  2. I am excited to know that you will be attending because I know we can learn from your experiences! Take great notes and know that many of us will be waiting for many insightful blog posts!

  3. Wow! I just totally stumbled across your blog by accident, and I wanted to tell you that I was there too!!! It was just a terrific learning experience–I was in Maggie Beattie's morning session (7-8C). Hope you had a great learning experience!

  4. How cool is that…we "meet" this way instead of at TC. I had Anna Cockergill in the afternoon, and she was awesome. Lucy's closing remarks are still ringing in my ears!

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