Slice of Life March Challenge – #3: Where oh where did that earring go?

The Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers
I love earrings; growing up in India, every woman I knew had pierced ears and wore marvelous earrings.  My grandmother had drawers full of earrings, and one of my best memories is of trying them on as she napped…big ones and small ones, diamonds and colored glass, I loved them all.  Others may pick up vases and trinkets on their travels, I always return home with earrings of one sort or the other.
Among my favorite earrings is a pair my daughter Elizabeth picked up on her travels – a postcard arrived first, announcing its discovery, and then the earrings themselves were delivered.  I loved them instantly – they were made of polished glass, deep green and able to catch the light in beautiful ways.  I reached for them no matter what the season, and they always drew compliments.
This morning, they “completed my outfit” (as my daughter would say), and so on they went. I gave no more thought to earrings and such until I arrived at school, and caught my reflection in a classroom window – one earring had somehow vanished.
Where could it be? I looked around my room frantically at first, and then retraced my steps to the parking lot.  No trace of it. I spent twenty minutes looking in every nook and cranny of my car. No luck.  I even went home at lunch and scoured my driveway, the kitchen, the hallway – anywhere I could remember being that morning. Still no luck.  I taught all day, did the usual errands after school, and then took in the middle school play.  All the while, that earring was on my mind.
I’ve returned its solitary mate to its usual place – it looks lonely and rather bereft.  I remember moments when I wore the pair – graduations, a wedding, anniversary dinners, the day I made tenure.  I know I’ll never find another one like it again, not even if I visited Florence and was able to hunt down the little store Elizabeth had happened to stop in one afternoon, just looking for a present for mom.  It is possible to mourn for and miss things, too ….


13 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge – #3: Where oh where did that earring go?

  1. Oh, that's too sad! I thought for sure you were going to end with finding it stuck in your collar or jacket. Now you will just have to turn it into a pendant and wear it as a necklace.

  2. I'm so sorry Tara. I've never lost any so precious, but have lost one or two, looked and looked and never found them. I rather figure they catch on clothing & get carried who knows where. You might ask everyone to look because it might have been where you didn't look. It's gorgeous, and special because from your daughter.

  3. As precious as the earring is – now you have two stories to tell about the "solitary mate." I love Donna's idea of turning it into a necklace! And you just never know, it could possibly, maybe just appear out of nowhere when you least expect it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this slice!

  4. Bummer! I agree with Donna. Choose your mourning period and if it hasn't shown up by then make a pendent out of the remaining one. It is too lovely to not use.

  5. Oh that is the worst! How sad. I hope that you find it. I too have a little dish with some lonely earrings waiting for their long lost mate to return.

  6. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel. Do turn it into a pendant, but wait awhile, it may still turn up. I'm a glass-half-full kind of person. I understand the obsession with earrings too. I've been known to drive back home after arriving at school without earrings. I feel naked without earrings. Thanks for sharing this piece. I will say a little prayer for the safe return of the earring.

  7. I can just picture you daughter in a little shop in Florence and so giddy to find the perfect gift for her mom. Heartbreaking! I do love how you display your earrings – really highlights your collection. That would actually make a good math picture to use to create a math story!

  8. No, no, say it isn't so! I am sending karma to you to discover the missing earring in an unexpected place. Please report back when (not if) you find it.

  9. So sad. Yes it is possible to mourn things. I lost an earring in a friend's apartment over 30 years ago after it fell down into the heater and out of reach. Even today I can't drive past that building without thinking of my sapphire earring.

  10. Absolutely it's possible (and ok) to miss things….it's not just the earring that you are mourning, it's the sentiment behind it. Hope you find the mate!

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