Slice of Life March Challenge – #6: An ode to my doggie

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

     How do dogs know just what to do when you are sick?  All day long, I’ve dragged myself around the house fighting some sort of bug.  And all day long my Sophie has followed me around, offering a paw here and a loving look there.
     The two-legged people in my life called from time to time – yes, they hoped I felt better, and yes, I believed their good intentions….BUT, they also expected (and hoped) that this or that could get done or taken care of, somehow.
     Not Sophie, though!  She pitter pattered after me at a comforting distance – just close enough so that I knew she was with me, so that I could hear her sighs and little woofs to let me know that the mail man was at the door, or that a birdie had just flown too close to the window.  She asked for nothing, and even understood that her walk had to be short.
     My favorite moment today was when I sat down at my desk, thinking I should get to the stack of essays and feeling too poorly to do so….Sophie came right up to me, put her paw on my lap, and gave me a giant smackeroo … thank you, Sophie!


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge – #6: An ode to my doggie

  1. AW-W, sorry you really did get sick! This is super sweet & for me doubly because I had a dog named Sophie a long time ago. They are so intuitive aren't they? I love the bits of her following you around, not too pushy but there! Get well!

  2. Now that's what every sick teacher needs when she's trying to take on the impossible, essays. Good thing your dog knew what to do. 🙂 Feel better, friend.

  3. I had to check on your post today to see if you were better. And it seems you are still under the weather but you have a friend to lend a paw! Take care and glad Sophie is there to tend to you.

  4. Oh furry little friends are the best! So glad that your Sophie was so loving to you today. I enjoyed how you compared Sophie's attentions to those of your two legged friends. I also enjoyed the last line and how Sophie tried to comfort you or tell you not to push it as you tried to work.

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