Slice of Life March Challenge – #12 – Hey Mom, I’m home for the weekend!

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers.
The back door crashes open and there he is, “Hey Mom, I’m home for the weekend!”  A sophomore in college now, he is almost six feet tall, all lanky arms and floppy feet and same melt-your-heart-smile.  He has a new hat – $4 at a flea market, an antique Scoutmaster’s hat festooned with some ribbon he’d found.  Our version of Indiana Jones.  The house fills with the sound of his voice – laughing, singing, humming along to the sounds of his collection of “gotta play ’em” guitars.  Ben is home…even the dog is immediately in a better mood.  
This morning, hours after I was up and already done with half my list of chores for the day, I peek into his room – wasn’t it just neat as a pin but a few hours ago? Ben is fast asleep, a tangle of long arms and legs, his face blissful with much needed sleep. For a moment, I travel back in time to Sunday mornings long ago – he’d be up by this time, longing for bacon and eggs and chocolate chip pancakes.  I’d sip my coffee as he raced around the kitchen – finding just the right tools to help me craft just the right breakfast fit for a Sunday.  Not even the little train shaped pads underfoot, meant to slow him down, could keep his zooming feet from skidding here and there. Always a whirl of motion and excitement, my son.
Later in the day, after more walks with Sophie and talks about school, papers due, gigs he and his band are preparing for, the movie idea he’s had, I hear him packing up.  Sophie waits at the bottom of the stairs – her doggie world will lose some excitement: Ben is  getting ready to leave.  I glance at the island in the kitchen, and see that his hat, too, is ready for the leave taking.

22 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge – #12 – Hey Mom, I’m home for the weekend!

  1. Oh, how great that he came home and you got to see him. I bet you enjoy seeing him and thinking about all the great memories too! It's so wonderful how being a mom and seeing our children brings us so much joy!

  2. I'll be there next year. My son is going to college 800 miles away- I'm really sad that we won't have many of these "hat on the counter" experiences.

  3. The joy of your son being home is evident throughout this piece. Gotta love the quiet and neat before but I love the sounds and mess after. BTW, so glad spring has sprung on your background!

  4. I love this. The contrast of him blasting through the door then fast asleep. It pretty much sums up this point in life. Perfect with the hat photo at the end. I was trying to picture it!

  5. His hat with the ribbon…it came and it went. The hat reminds me of every college student's statement. My last one just graduated in December…Three college graduates a wonderful feeling…but I do remember pieces of them that were statements. The clothes they wore, the air of confidence they had, oh and one, died his hair red while in Europe…and the color turned into the orange of a clown (the color was to come out after washing but it stuck for about 6 months). Your writing captured the wonderful feeling of having a child be a part of the fabric of our lives!

  6. When I saw the link to this (with the teaser) on TWT, I thought "spring break!" My heart sunk for you and for Sophie when I read that he was packing up to go back to school at the end of the weekend.

  7. I loved the guitars and the lanky body in bed scene. My baby is getting his MSW and the coming home with 3 states between doesn't happen any longer. Miss, miss him, but right now am praying that he gets a job, with insurance in a few months. Tell him the funky hat is pretty special…

  8. Time with our children becomes even more precious once they're grown. As a mother of two grown sons, I could relate to your joy of seeing him AND to the heartbreaking sorrow of him leaving again.

  9. A genuine gift for the weekend & hard to say those goodbyes, so over & over again. Thanks for the memory, Tara. Love his open arms to home, and the connection (in my eyes) back to Go Dog Go: do you like my hat?

  10. A bittersweet slice–they come and go so fast when they are in college. Love the picture–it so reminds me of the styles my own sons went through. Glad you got to spend a little time with him anyway.

  11. This is truly a masterpiece from a writer-mommy's heart. My own son is due home for spring break soon. I identify with every heartfelt word of your slice. And, when they leave, it is empty-nest all over again.

  12. "the back door crashes open and there he is…" They come into your heart through the back door, you not comprehending the extent and depth of love you will experience for them. They slip out so soon. But every time they crash in, a mother's heart is woken up again. That's what I heard in your piece. Lovely.

  13. "… even the dog is immediately in a better mood."Perfect! I fell in love with your son in this slice: his energy and happiness. How clear that you adore him. How lovely!

  14. When I saw Ben was home, I couldn't wait to read your slice. I like hearing about how life changes as a momma and your slices always give me perspective. Even though they are a little bittersweet for me too!Ruth

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