Sllice of Life March Challenge #15: Thinking of packing up and moving to….

The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at
I have a confession to make, for quite some time now I have had an obsession with this place:
This is Bedlam Farms, in New York’s bucolic Washington County, immortalized by Jon Katz in many books such as this:
It is also for sale, and once I discovered this I became obsessed with the idea of ditching my suburban New Jersey existence for views such as this:
Of course, life at Bedlam Farms would mean knowing how to live with critters such as these:
 but I teach sixth graders, so how hard an adjustment could that be?  Of course, there’s the winter to consider, and large quantities of snow:

But scenes like these will inspire me to write entertaining, poetic, Slices of Life:

Scenes like this could really come in handy especially  on days like today, when slice I must…weary though I am of slicing …. 

11 thoughts on “Sllice of Life March Challenge #15: Thinking of packing up and moving to….

  1. "Of course, life at Bedlam Farms would mean knowing how to live with critters such as these:but I teach sixth graders, so how hard an adjustment could that be?" Oh, I love these lines! I think you could handle life there since you have been so well prepared! I say go for it.

  2. The pictures tell the story. It looks to be an amazing place. I also loved your line "but I teach sixth graders, so how hard an adjustment could that be?" You are so right! The experiences and learning that were part of my life while teaching sixth graders have served me well since teaching college students. I have told colleagues that have mainly taught in the "academic" world that if they had experience teaching middle school their lives would be much richer. All look at me like I am nuts…:-) Oh well, I am probably more fitted to the world of sixth graders!

  3. I agree with the above posts. That line was wonderful and made me chuckle. I love the scenery in the summer but would not want the winter. Creative way to slice today. I like it. You definitely have a creative way of writing with voice.

  4. Oh Tara, what a beautiful place and also what a dilemma. I will be interested in your decision. Is it very far? I love that you tantalized us so with the photos. How gorgeous are those sheep and that dog corralling them! Life hands us such interesting opportunities.

  5. Alas…this is just a dream! I'm hoping that when we really are really to fly the coop, all our children out and on their own, a place such as this be there for us. One can always dream, right?!

  6. There would be loads of visual stimuli for slicing, but I have a feeling the work that must be done to maintain Bedlam farms might have you too physically exhausted to lift the pen. Can you go for a visit? Is there a B&B next door?

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