Slice of Life Challenge #18: One last campfire

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers  
Sophie and I are on a late night walk; both of us are restless, and everyone else in the house is fast asleep.  The neighborhood, too, is fast asleep it seems – the houses are dark and silent, somewhere we hear a raccoon trying to pry open a trash can and Sophie is on the alert for someone to chase. A dog yearns for excitement at any hour of the day.  We turn the corner at the top of our hill, and hear voices – little voices, happy little voices.
There is laughter and conversation…we now also aware of the scrumptious aroma of marshmallows roasting. We make our way down the next street, and closer to the scene of action – Sophie is now on high alert and straining at her leash – she wants a piece of this action. I glance past a backyard fence and see a handful of children gathered around a chimenea – a large bag of snowy marshmallows sits besides these nocturnal, pajama-clad, smores loving creatures.  They squeal with delight as a perfect marshmallow is extracted from the fire – the children look upon this with reverence, and  one of them says, “That is the perfectest marshmallow I’ve ever seen.”
Sophie and I keep going, both of us feeling much more “right with the world, ” as my mother would say. We make our way down the street slowly, comforted by those voices celebrating the winter season’s final hurrah – one last campfire to gather around together, toast marshmallows and bask in the warmth of friends .

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life Challenge #18: One last campfire

  1. Such a perfect slice! I can just see Sophie on high alert, straining at her leash, and wanting a piece of the action. I also love the line, "That is the perfectest marshmallow I've ever seen."

  2. This reminds me of last night. My husband had a fire in our small fire bowl and my son, for the first time, actually wanted to go out and sit at the fire with his dad. My husband wanted to roast marshmallows for Kam, but Kam said, "I just want mine white and fluffy. Not on a stick!". We were giggling to ourselves when Kevin was sharing Kam's quote. Kids say the darndest things! "The perfectest marshmallow"…so sweet!

  3. How yummy is this post! Smores are one of those happy childhood memories for me, and I still love to eat them as a grownp. What a great last walk of the day for you.

  4. Isn't it fun to listen in to conversations? A walk late in the night gives you a perfect slice of a life. Great description puts me right there hanging on to the leash as Sophie wants a taste too. I want a taste too! Fun post Tara!

  5. It makes me wonder where you live? Where I am we "smore" season is coming . . . so many memories of camping with friends and family . . .soon again, soon again. Great slice so descriptive!

  6. okay…I want that 'smore' right now…but more than that I want the fellowship of that wonderful campfire scene…and I misssed my pooch. xo nanc

  7. The words most "perfectest marshmallow"…could there be any other way to say it? What a treat to hear this? To see it in writing took me back to those nights of wonder outside. A "perfectest" post!

  8. Your words paint a picture of an ethereal beauty, a kind of serendipity. In the darkness there was the light of family life happening. What a sweet post!

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