Progressive Kidlitosphere Poem Day 17

Day 17 of the 2012 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem has wound its way to my blog at last, and what a journey it has become – every line seems to add to its sense of mystery.   So, with thanks to Irene Latham who set it on its way, here is line 17, made all the more challenging by  Natalie’s beguiling new verb “sisterdance”:

If you are reading this
you must be hungry
Kick off your silver slippers
Come sit with us a spell

A hanky, here, now dry your tears
And fill your glass with wine
Now, pour. The parchment has secrets
Smells of a Moroccan market spill out.

You have come to the right place, just breathe in.
Honey, mint, cinnamon, sorrow. Now, breathe out
last week’s dreams. Take a wish from the jar.
Inside, deep inside, is the answer…

Unfold it, and let us riddle it together,
…Strains of a waltz. How do frozen fingers play?
How do fennel, ginger, saffron blend in the tangine?

Like broken strangers bound by time, they sisterdance…
their veils of sorrow encircle, embrace


18 thoughts on “Progressive Kidlitosphere Poem Day 17

  1. Still a mystery, but I can see that it can be unfolding soon, through the support of being with the group. I like the idea of 'encircle, embrace', Tara. It sounds and feels good! What a poem this is turning out to be!

  2. I like how you connected the waltz/sisterdance lines back to the lines about sorrow/tears with your addition to the poem.When the month started, I thought it would be easier to be at the end of the month than the beginning but now, as I've been reading each successive entry, it seems harder each day to write a line that connects to the whole.

  3. As I watch from afar, I am intrigued by the path this poem has taken. Beautiful words blending in a way that makes me want more. The turn yes, and the ending? I am waiting pretty patiently. Perhaps the progressive poem is a new form? Maybe in an elementary classroom say gr. 2 -5, it could be used with the whole class say in September. Then again in June. Would be interesting to see the path those might take. Thank you to all the poets here.Janet F.

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