Announcing: Social Studies Wednesdays!


     I started blogging at “A Teaching Life” two years ago, inspired by Stacey and Ruth – Two Writing Teachers who reach out every day with words of wisdom and encouragement for all of us who teach and are involved (in our own ways) in educating children.  Soon, I was participating in their Tuesday Slice of Life writing community, then their March slicing-every-day challenge.  Not long after, I discovered the Poetry Friday community and then the Monday Nonfiction and “What are You Reading?” memes.  My blogging week took on a predictable structure – when I was not taking part in the above, I was blogging about what went on in my classroom.  

     Soon, I found myself drawn into other classrooms, listening in as other teachers shared their lessons, their resources, their ideas.  The teacher-blogging world is a generous place!  Through Maria I learned about Wonderopolis, through Mary Lee and Franki I learned about wonderful new books for my classroom, through Katie and Bonnie I discovered new ways of integrating technology in writing and reading workshop,  through Linda I found inspiring poems and new books to read,  and through Darlene I discovered strategies for teaching fiction and non-fiction.  These are just a few of the amazing blogs I visit daily, learning something new each time.
     The writing-reading-poetry part of my teaching life is rich, but I feel a real gap in the other subject area I teach – Social Studies.  I happen to adore teaching Social Studies, especially these days when there are so many resources available to make history all the more engaging and FUN to learn about.  Stacey’s post about mini lectures  and some of the comments that followed got me thinking – wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to have a meme once a week to which other Social Studies teachers could contribute their ideas and resources in the same way we share poems on Poetry Friday, Slices on Tuesdays, and new books we’ve read on Monday?  So, here it is…. SOCIAL STUDIES WEDNESDAYS!  
     Starting this Wednesday, I’ll post something connected to Social Studies every Wednesday, and I invite anyone who would like to contribute something to do the same – leave a link to your blog post in the comments section and I’ll “round ’em up.”   Let’s see if we can build a community of Social Studies teachers!

Social Studies Wednesday begins: Wednesday, May 9!!



3 thoughts on “Announcing: Social Studies Wednesdays!

  1. Hi Tara, what a good idea. I will try to participate with some kind of integration lesson, which I'm always interested in, like doing poetry within the social studies unit, or finding good sources for different topics. Since we do so many individual units at our school, there are many resources to discuss. I will help you get started, & thanks for the mention, too!

  2. What a marvelous idea-especially with not having a state test on SS I know that I have lost my focus, but I also love SS. Something else we have in common 🙂 In addition, my SS curriculum will be changing with Common Core, so I will need to spend some time on focusing on it more. I typically post Wonder Word Wednesday, but I am sure I will be able to weave social studies into it. Thanks for the mention in your blog as well as pushing me to focus on social studies!

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