Slice of Life Tuesday: A Mother’s Day moment

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     A glorious Sunday afternoon on the High Line in New York City – our family is walking off a delectable brunch on this perfect Mother’s Day.  The sky is bluer than blue, the temperature  just warm enough with a touch of gentle breeze,  and there are happy, friendly faces every where – the kind of day when you feel the time is right to put the house in the ‘burbs up for sale and find something in the City ASAP.  We wend our way at a leisurely pace, reveling in sights like these:
     Every once in a while, we pause to take in this view and that sight. There are surprises everywhere: someone has arranged potted plants expertly on a window ledge – a profusion of geranium and pansies against a dull, grey wall; there is a roof top display of giant cut outs- ghostly figures in weirdly happy postures; here is an open window with a bowl of fruit within reach, and a sign that says (I kid you not) “Don’t you dare!”.  
It is hard to believe that  freight trains once hurtled across these rail lines – that these flower beds of salvia and cone flower and lavender were once covered with the soot and grime of commerce.  The City has reclaimed a bit of Paradise, and today everyone is delighted to be a part of the scene.
     We walk slowly, not by design but by circumstance – there are so many people, after all, and no one is in any particular hurry anyway.  Our children have gone on ahead and suddenly I catch sight of them. They are leaning against a railing, bathed in sunlight and deep in conversation.  One of them says something funny, and all three tilt their heads in exactly the same way and laugh.  There they are on this Mother’s Day, my three best gifts to myself.  

17 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: A Mother’s Day moment

  1. I agree, even better than sharing a moment with your children is witnessing them as teenagers sharing a moment, laughing together, building a bond

  2. Just a precious piece of writing Tara, to capture this one glorious day for yourself and for your family. How great is that? As Donna said, the pics are marvelous. I have a friend who is from across the way, in NJ, & visits this too & talks about it, as does my daughter who visits NYC often. I'll share this with them. They will love it too! Happy Mother's Day one more time!

  3. You hit the "nail on the head" when you observed that walking the High Line makes you think about putting the house in the burbs on the market and moving back to the city. While life in the burbs is quietly wonderful, the energy and excitement of the city is SO very evident as you walk just above it! It is indeed enticing!

  4. Exquisite description I felt like I was walking right along with you. Our children are the BEST gifts of all. Thank you for capturing a NYC moment in pictures also.

  5. Tara –As always, I love reading about your children and family life at the stage you are in. It gives me perspective — makes me relax and know it will still be good even when my three are grown up. The way the setting weaves around this post is powerful. Thank you for the images with both words + pictures. I'm glad you wrote today.Ruth

  6. Heads tilting the same way. I, too, have three children but I grew up as the one and only child. To this day, it amazes me how my three can be so different and yet, do and look the same. True gifts your children are to you…and a great reminder of my three gifts (I didn't get to spend Mother Day with all three) but the memories are vivid.

  7. This is such a great slice–I felt like I was walking right along with you. You gave us the gift of the "surprises" you found along the way. Thanks for sharing.Deb

  8. The Highline. Looks great . A place I've never been. I love the way you end your day with the gift of friendship that's developed within your next generation! Good work, mom.

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