May OWL Reflection: May is one busy month!

Where did the month of May go?  Well, here is some of what went on in my classroom:

  • The New Jersey ASK tests.  We learned the strategies, we had fun gaming the test, and then we spent a week testing…all I can say is that we were all glad that they were DONE!  I’m not sure what the new PARCC assessment will be like, but I am not going to spend another minute worrying about state tests this school year.
  • Book Clubs – we cycled through historical fiction and dystopian fiction, and my kids learned that readers read different genres through different lenses.  Now, when one of them picks out a historical fiction novel, the first thing they do is “activate my background knowledge – what do I really know about this time period???”  Most of them actually learned to like this genre more! And now they know that there is a lot more they need to pay attention to in the dystopian books they choose, as well – it’s MUCH more complicated than just an exciting storyline and plot.
  • We’ve become sophisticated analyzers of political cartoons and other types of primary source documents.  I think back to September and marvel at how my kids are now able to approach these documents with ease and a sense of “I know how to do this!”.
  • We wrote our Slice of Life every Friday, and now my kids are actually sad that there are only two more opportunities left to slice in this school year.  I shared a slice for the first time as well, and wish I had done that all along. So…that’s my plan for next year.
  • We will not have time to create our book trailers…so that, too, is something I need to plan for better next year.
  • We’re so enjoying “Wonder” as a read aloud.  What a great way to celebrate our community…many rich discussions and opportunities for things to ponder over.

I left school this afternoon very sad.  This is always how it is in May…you’ve travelled so far in the space of a school year, you feel your kids are ready to do so much…and then you have to let them go. Sigh….

 Maria at Teaching in the 21st. Century shares her May reflections, as well.


3 thoughts on “May OWL Reflection: May is one busy month!

  1. Excellent reflection wow you're super busy! I did not ready Wonder to my class but I wish I would have found the time. I am super excited you have joined twitter! Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm so appreciative of the work you Poetry Friday-blogging teachers do all year long, and it's nice to just get even a hint of the "wonder" in your classrooms as you reflect at the end of the year. It's cheering to know so many students have been challenged, nurtured, and guided by such caring hands and quick minds. Best wishes as you wind up the school year!

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