Poetry Friday: Beach poems..since that’s where my students already seem to be!

Poetry Friday is hosted by Carol at Carol’s Corner

June 1st.!  We have exactly twenty days until the last day of school, but my kids are already dreaming of long summer days by the beach.  Yesterday, after hearing yet another story about beach-longings, I pulled out Ralph Fletcher’s wonderful collection of beach poems, Have You Been to the Beach Lately?  and shared them.

The top two: 

The First Time

On my first trip to the beach
the sea refused to cooperate.

It kept curling and whirling
     bobbing and weaving
     clearing its throat
     whenever a wave drew back.

It kept moving and grooving
     shucking and jiving
     dishing and dancing
     razzling and dazzling

wouldn’t keep still even
long enough to shake hands.


We walk on our hands
and laze in shallow surf

like a bunch of sea sloths
or slow motion manatees

no place to go
no hurry to get there

with the bubbles
foaming with the froth

in the noisy crumble tumble
of the ragamuffin waves

…I do believe even I am ready for that beach scene now!


9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Beach poems..since that’s where my students already seem to be!

  1. YIKES!! TWENTY more days of school?!?! Do you start in October, I hope? Or maybe you have year-round school? Whatever the case, stay strong through these last weeks!! We'll try not to gloat too much…

  2. I love Ralph's beach poems (and his Spring poems and his moving poems and his teenager love poems)! Maybe you should just take your kids to a beach and teach there someday!

  3. I don't know this book either by Fletcher. What a gem. Don't you just love "foaming with the froth, wobbling with the bubbles"? Sorry you have such a long while to go. We have next week, then out. Like Carol, maybe a trip to the beach is important now! Thanks Tara.

  4. I appreciate how you took your students' interests and daydreams and made a lesson out of it! Also, wow! 20 more days of school! Poor things. Nearly everyone is out around me, or will be out in the next few days.

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