Teachers Write! Assignment #1

Teachers Write! Assignment #1:

Make a writing plan for your summer and for your school year.

This is the first summer I will not be attending the Reading and Writing Institute at Teacher’s College, the first summer I had already set aside for writing (I have a picture book in the works!)…so I feel that I had already carved out a summer plan – write, write, write! I had imagined that my “work time” this summer (i.e. at my desk) would be divided between writing and revising my curriculum plans to reflect the Common Core Standards. Those two things, and all the stuff I already blog about (Reading wrap up on Mondays, Slice of Life on Tuesdays, Social Studies Wednesdays, and Poetry Fridays).  Whew!

Some other thoughts, as prompted by Kate’s first assignment:
1. What you found that you might be able to cut out of your schedule or cut back on to make time to write.The news – in this crazy election season, I find myself obsessively checking the news.  This will have to take a back seat.  I’ll still do my part with phone banks and all when the time comes, but I can definitely give up this constant “taking of the news pulse” – it will reduce my stress level, for sure!
2. When you’ll be writing each day & for how long. Remember to be realistic. 15 minutes is fine to start.Now that I’ve cleared my summer schedule, I want to increase my writing stamina – I’m thinking of two hour chunks, with kid/chore breaks in between.  For the school year beyond, I’ll have to return to what I do now –  late at night chunks of time, when I am left uninterrupted by everyone, including the dog!

3. Where you’ll usually write.  This can be different places on different days, depending on your schedule.

My desk, surrounded by books and pictures and quotes by favorite  writers. Another favorite writing spot is on the front porch and patio when the weather is glorious.

4.Who you told about your plans. Remember, sharing your writing plans with the people in your life helps to make them real and reminds your family & friends to give you that space for writing.

Well, I have not had the chance to do this yet…but, there is time!


4 thoughts on “Teachers Write! Assignment #1

  1. Hi Tara! How exciting that you have a picture book churning and now you have some time to write it out! Can't wait to hopefully see some of the progress and you never know the end result!Glad to be on another virtual journey with you and many other Tuesday slicers. (And yes, the rest of your week is also full of writing. Wow!) So, go get writing today! Michelle

  2. The more I read your blog the more I find out we have in common-isn't it amazing. How exciting that you have a picture book in the process. I also love to collect quotes from everywhere but mostly from the books I read and how they touch me or change my thinking. I read on my porch or our dock and I often wonder what your city views would be like compared to my country views. Excited to be following your writing journey.

  3. But Tara, you have told people. You shared with we slicers! My writing place will change too, depending where I am at. You reminded me that I started a picture book several years ago. I may have to dust it off! Here's to a summer of writing!

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