Teacher’s Write! End of the week reflection.

A little over a week ago, feeling optimistic and full of energy about the summer ahead, I signed up for the Teachers Write! Summer Writing camp led by Kate Messner.  Almost as soon as the camp began, I fell behind. Why? Well, there was the National Junior Honors Society induction ceremony at our school where I am the co-advisor and had to organize the event, and then there was Civil War Day to plan, execute and run around for….so much for writing (although I did manage to slice on Tuesday, post about Social Studies on Monday and then about poetry on Friday).
I was embarrassed to log on to Kate’s blog today and find myself re-directed to Teach Mentor Texts   where Jen has invited Jenn from Fountain Reflections to talk about her experience with a writing institute and how that changed her as a writer and as a teacher of writing.” This thoughtful post made me feel even worse than I did before, why did I not make more of an effort to carve out SOME time to write???!!! Of course, there is the fact that there are only so many hours in  the day…and that we’re in the craziness of the last two weeks of school and all the grading/organizing/etc. that that means…but I CAN do better.  So, I’m looking ahead and addressing Jen’s questions for reflection this way:

How did you do this week? Did you meet your weekly goal(s)?
Not so well, see the above… (gulp!)

What was the pit of your week? (The hardest part, the not-fun part?)
Knowing that I had not carved out the time to write – there were ten other things I seemed to need to get to before I could write …and then I simply ran out of time! 

What was the peak of your week? (The best part, the most-fun part?)
My Slice of Life entry and participation – now I was writing!
What are you looking forward to and planning for the week ahead?
Since both the NJHS induction and Civil War Day are over, I have those hours to write…and I also have Kate’s lovely prompts to give the writing more focus and shape.

Here’s to a brand new week of writing camp!

6 thoughts on “Teacher’s Write! End of the week reflection.

  1. No guilt! It is a SUMMER writing camp and some people's "summers" start earlier than others. I think Kate wanted to make a fast jump out, but I can't imagine anyone keep up and managing a hectic end of year schedule, too. I think you can just regard this as warm up time for some, and jump in when it really is summer.

  2. It was my last week & I felt for you especially Tara because of your Civil War Day, etc. I stayed up so late each night last week so hope my week this coming is better. Take your time, you will be there & then others will love what you do! Enjoy your students these final days!

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