Slice of Life Tuesday: Welcoming new sixth graders…

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

They file in with trepidation, urged on by shouts of welcome from the sixth graders within the room – these are the soon-not-to-be-fifth-graders, touring their new school.  Nervous, curious, perhaps a bit excited, too, they gaze about our classroom, taking in the books, posters, pictures and projects which fill our learning space from one end to the other.  My sixth graders look on with equal amazement – were we ever THAT small? did we look THAT anxious?  was there ever such a time when this room and this building were THAT strange, THAT intimidating? Yes, Yes, and YES! I say to myself…yes indeed, all of THAT was you, just about a year ago, too!
The eighth grade Honor Society tour guides take the scene in as well – feeling the passage of time in the faces of the fifth and sixth graders alike.  Here they are, ready to leave the middle school, preparing for the next phase of their school lives – they look on fondly, knowingly, wistfully.  Once, this was their room, too.  Once, they had walked in with trepidation and excitement. Once, they had made their sixth grade memories within these walls – there are pictures of these memories,still, all over the walls.  And once, they too had left our room with all the confidence and contentment of a year spent learning about so much…about who they were and who they wanted to be and how they learned best.
I watch the scene and take it all in, wanting to hold on to the moment for as long as I can – there they are, my past, present and future.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Welcoming new sixth graders…

  1. It happens at our school too. The teachers eat lunch with their new students & it is so quiet. They are in awe, wondering how they'll fit in, how they'll manage the work, find everything, thinking it will be too hard. How sweet your post shows the trepidation, and the ending, beautiful, Tara.

  2. Amazing what they are thinking at the different phases of life within a matter of three years. Love how you ended the slice as well: you past, present and future!

  3. You have caught the wide eyed fear of the new students with the confidence of the current students and a bit of wistfulness from the eighth graders. What a journey for these students and their teacher!

  4. I attended one of my kids' eighth grade promotion ceremony today, and another's fifth grade ceremony yesterday. Your post really resonates with me! We've got sixth grade orientation on Thursday. I hope she has wonderful teachers like you!

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