Slice of Life Tuesday: A note left for me on the last day of school…

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Thursday, June 21st.  The last day of school…a half day.  All the desks in my classroom have been pushed to either side – our book shelves are lined up on one end, too, for all the end-of-the-year-party snacks  we’ve brought in.  The center of the room has served, once again, as a dance floor/lounge area/meeting space for the 50 or so kids (this year’s class and visitors from years past)  who cycled in all morning.  We’ve had year book signings, hugs, food, dancing, tears and cheers – summer is finally here: hooray, hooray!!  
The final dismissal bell for the school year has sounded, and waves of whooping and hollering kids have left the building – taking their happy celebrations first to the school grounds and then “to town.”  On this beautiful June day, a perfect day to walk downtown, I could hear their voices slowly drifting off until it  was absolutely still.
Our classroom is a happy wreck.  My kids have been considerate about their trash, but a party has definitely been had in this space…and it shows.  Before I begin the process of restoring some order, I take time to gaze at our whiteboard, and read the messages and reminders that cover every last space:

 Then I retrieve a note left on my desk earlier, when there was so much going on that I simply couldn’t attend to it – process its message beyond the fact that Mia had decided that I was “the Best Block Teacher” (block stands for the three subject areas I teach: ELA/writing/social studies):

The last day of school pretty much leaves me a weepy, emotional mess.  But I read this note and really lose it.  Yes, the year has ended. Yes, there are things I could have done/will do better next year.  BUT…it was a great year with great kids…and how wonderful that I get to do this all over again in September!!


15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: A note left for me on the last day of school…

  1. Congrats on finishing out the school year! What a fabulous top 10 list. I would have been crying too – that is just such a nice way to leave the year. Enjoy that moment and keep that somewhere safe. πŸ˜‰ ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!!

  2. Those are the special treasures that as teachers keep us going. I am so excited you took the time to stop and enjoy those precious notes. Welcome to summer-can't wait to spend more time blogging with you this summer. Do you want to join me in end of the month OLW: reflection around June 30?

  3. I'm not at all surprised, but happy for you that you have this note to keep and savor, Tara. And I love the way you wrote about the last day. You've captured it precisely. I love "I could hear their voices slowly drifting off until it was absolutely still." That's exactly it. School isn't real until those voices return. On the other hand, congratulations on ending. You deserve some R & R for sure!

  4. Wow Tara – that is just AWESOME! Kids are amazing and from the looks of it, all your students believe in you because you believe in them! And Mia was able to capture their thinking in her note. I wonder if she'll ever understand the power in her words. So glad you shared! Just awesome!

  5. Ah, the notes to treasure. I have a little envelope of notes like that I keep tacked to my board. I call it my "pick me up" notes. Some days you need a little reminder.

  6. Wow! A person could live a long time on a note like this! It feels so good, doesn't it, to know that we do a job that matters so, so, so much! Enjoy your first days of break!

  7. What a great way to end the year! Question about #9 – You let us roll into the classroom. That one puzzles me! It's fabulous that you captured the whiteboard and the note on camera. We live in an amazing time!

  8. Well…Mia is a gymnast, and asked one morning if she could roll into the classroom. I wasn't sure what she meant, but said okay…and then she went to the doorway, bent down to the floor, tucked her head into her knees and literally rolled into the classroom! It was hilarious and so unexpected – she's a rather dignified young lady. But, by the end of the school year, everyone feels pretty comfortable, I guess!

  9. No teacher evaluation or reference letter compares with this note. The white board messages just add to it. I can see how you are ready to enter (dare to roll?) the classroom with a smile in the fall. You rock!

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