Slice of Life Tuesday: Celebrating 500 posts!!

Slice of Life Tuesdays is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

     Well, it figures that my 500th. post would fall on a Slice of Life Tuesday, because this is where my blogging life began…by venturing out into the teacher blog universe with a “Slice of Life” post.  March slicing challenges have come and gone, and (or course) many a Tuesday of slicing as well … and my blogging branched out bit by bit: tales from my classroom, my children, my teaching challenges and adventures, thoughts about education and the young lives we help shape from September through June, the books I read and want to read, even my van!.  Along the way I discovered Poetry Friday and What Are You Reading? Mondays…and tried to start Social Studies Wednesdays.  And, along the way I discovered a far-flung group of teacher-bloggers,  each as passionate and committed to teaching as I am, and each so generous about sharing their life stories – teaching and otherwise.  What a journey it has been!
     I spent some time today reading some of my first posts, and it occurred to me how much my writing had changed over time.  I remember agonizing over those early posts – worrying about how I would sound and what impression I would create once I pressed that “publish” tab and “went public” with my writing.  I remember worrying that I would have little to say beyond a Slice of Life on Tuesday…and who would want to read what I had to say, anyway?!  We teach our kids that sharing and publishing their work enriches their writing and empowers them as writers…well, the same can be said for ourselves!
     Well, that was then.  Today, my blog has become the creative extension of my teaching life, something very necessary and important. A great part of it has to do with the supportive and encouraging community we bloggers have established –   so that a comment from Bonnie, or Linda, or Myra , or so many others really resonates because we’ve been reading each other’s blogs and writing back and forth for quite some time now.  But another reason for its importance has to do with the fact that this blog has become a repository for so much of my thinking as an educator.  When I  have  new idea, want to “work over” a teaching problem, or have a new book or poet to share – I turn to my blog and begin writing.  The writing helps me sort out my thinking, and then a comment or question left in response will push my thinking further. It’s been a grand experience…and I’m already looking forward to blog post #501 and beyond! 

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Celebrating 500 posts!!

  1. You are so right about feeling "scared" in the beginning but NOW using your writing as a way to clarify your thinking. I am SO grateful for this virtual community of people who think in the world of blogoshpere. CONGRATULATIONS and keep on writing!

  2. It is an amazing journey isn't it? Congratulations for all 500 Tara! I know some of the times when you've been so busy & still you manage to write a post that is thought-filled with your ideas about best practice in teaching, and the parts of your life which you value. You give all of us a gift when you write, too. Even in the tougher times, I think it's worth it, & know you do too! Here's to 501!

  3. Hooray Congrats from OH! I am so thankful we have connected on our blogs. Your blog is a HUGE part of my professional PD! Thank you for sharing. I am getting excited to read the next 100 🙂

  4. Tara,Congrats on reaching a huge milestone. I just recently passed 100 posts and hope to press on! I was thinking that sometime this summer one of my posts would be about comparing then and now and seeing my growth as a writer! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, it is quite a journey. Today I hit 250 posts…half way to my 500 in just a little over a year. Congratulations and hope to read the next 500!

  6. Yay! 500 posts? What an achievement! I am a rookie blogger, so it is very encouraging to read your slice about how you have grown as a blogger. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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