Slice of Life Tuesday: My summer office

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers
     When we first looked at our house eleven years ago, the front porch took our breath away – the kitchen needed overhauling, the floors had to be redone, and the bathrooms looked like they needed work, too…but that porch was just awesome.  Running along the front and side of the house, it immediately presented delightful visions of lemonade lunches, afternoon story times and evenings spent enjoying the fireflies dart about the front yard.  Naturally, we had to buy the house, problems and all, because how many opportunities in this life will we have to enjoy a porch like this? 
     This summer, my stay-at-home-and-write-summer,  I am so grateful that we did.  Our porch has become my summer office.  Here is my reading space:
     Whether it’s raining, beastly hot, or sublimely pleasant – this is an all weather reading spot.  Somehow there is always a breeze, and the gentle swaying of the porch swing we hauled all the way back from North Carolina one summer makes for idyllic reading.
Around the corner, on the other end of the porch is the perfect writing spot:
     The table is just large enough for ipad, a stack of books and a tall glass of iced coffee.  In those moments when I find myself struggling for the right word or phrase, the passing parade of life (dogs walking their families, kids zipping by on bikes, the mailman who transforms my peaceful Sophie  into a menacing beast) offers endless distractions … and sometimes even inspiration. 
There is plenty of room for a visiting family member to drop by to share thoughts about their day at work, my son Ben, for instance:

Sometimes, the serenity of the scene will lull them into relaxation and a sense of well-being as well:

My indoors office may have all my books, papers, lists, files and resources. But, I prefer this outdoors office – if a teacher’s summer should be about regrouping, revising plans, refreshing one’s point of view, spending that elusive “quality time” with one’s family…than there is no better place for me than my “summer office.”


14 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: My summer office

  1. Ok-so now it's up-how strange! (see your e-mail). I agree, I would have bought the house too for the porch. It's just wonderful to see, & to thnk about sitting & writing there sounds heavenly. I'm glad you shared your space Tara!

  2. A perfect place for reading, writing, and wondering – I love it! It is gorgeous! Continue to enjoy your outdoor office space for days, weeks and hopefully, months to come!

  3. Now THAT is an office! Hey, I think I recognize that book you are reading… I love how you captured the various uses of the porch, through your spaces and your son's actions. The photos really help communicate the sense of calm your summer office provides! I am definitely jealous!

  4. Mmmm. Nice… Isn't it great to find a good spot! I need a better spot. I find myself writing in the car (as a passenger!) most of the time now. Maybe it's time to tidy up my porch and see if that is the way to go, too! It definitely looks inviting where you have set up office.

  5. Oh, and just a weird aside…has anyone else noticed that the CAPTCHAs all have a picture with numerals either before or after the typed letters? Has anyone else noticed that if you skip typing the numerals and only do the letters that it still works? I've been just ignoring the picture portion for a while now and it posts anyway.

  6. Wow! I love your writing and your voice – and now I can picture where it's coming from. This is a divine space and you were so, so wise to take the rest of the house (which I can imagine looks great now) just to get this porch. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my gosh! I love your summer office! I would have bought this porch even if it didn't have a house attached. It's gorgeous!!!!! And your photographs are perfect!

  8. I love your outdoors office and I love that you can watch the "passing parade of life" from your writing nook or enjoy your books in the reading spot! You are a lucky to have such a unique vantage point to be at home with everyday…

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