Slice of Life Tuesday: I need to build up my teaching stamina…

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I love having a ninth period prep.  It gives me a chance to tidy up, collect stray books and project materials, straighten up desks and chairs set askew by energetic, squirmy as all get out sixth graders.  But last week, our first full week of classes, ninth period found me on the reading chair, shoes kicked off and looking pretty wiped. School had begun and somewhere during those summer months I had lost my teaching stamina.
Where were those days when I could be on my feet all day – mini lessons at the easel, reading and writing conferences through out the classroom, teaching from the Elmo or the board (which is performance art, really), co-coordinating group projects and book clubs, running after school meetings for this or that club???  Had I really been able to make better use of ninth period than this, was I really able to do more that just sit on a rocking chair with my shoes off, contemplating toes that were in serious need of a pedicure?
I had started the week bursting with energy, but I could tell by ninth period on Monday that I was not up to form.  Rather than bustling about the classroom, putting things in order and getting organized for the next day, I was back on that comfortable rocking chair – shoes off, and feet up on my small conference stool.  Some days, I had just enough oomph left to brew a cup of herbal tea with names like Joint Comfort, Calming and Stress Relief…which sounds really pathetic, I know.  By Friday, I didn’t even have it in me to fill up the electric kettle and get a move on that!
Due to the Jewish Holidays, we have Monday and Tuesday off – hooray!  Today, I rummaged about in my closet for my “workout clothes” (which are, actually, nothing more than the sweats I generally save for painting the odd piece of furniture or cleaning out the attic and garage) and spent some time on the treadmill.
It’s September, school has begun, and I need to build up my teaching stamina!  How about you?

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: I need to build up my teaching stamina…

  1. I was in those early days, but I imagine it will come back, Tara. I know it's the physical, too, but talking and making decisions all day can drain too. I think in those first days I just wanted to be home! Good for you for trying something, and have a nice two days off! Love that pic! It's hilarious.

  2. i can totally connect with your post. Last Friday night, I barely made it to the table to eat take our Chinese food before I collapsed into bed to "read" for about 15 seconds before falling asleep. It's a reminder that the kids were exhausted too and that we all need to take it SLOWLY during these warm up to learning weeks!

  3. Totally with you in spirit on this post. And once again our paths are crossing through our blogs. This week is a full teaching week for me which means no more diagnostics, reading, spelling inventories or math fact assessments. Totally 100% my classroom, and I am exhausted. Our paths are crossing because I turn on my college coffee maker in the morning to have my cup of tea so that I am ready for 3 1/2 hour morning straight through to lunch. I love the (clock time) but right now my 9th period hits everyday at 12:30. Thank goodness for lunch and outdoor recess duty 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about the stamina. I am absolutely beat at the end of the day working with teachers. I only have two days to work in schools this month and I am exhausted since I just finished those two days. How silly is that? I love that you have a chair to curl up in. Is this a sign of getting older? 🙂

  5. It will return. I'm sure of it. I usually felt it in the second week. Your mojo will come back to you….AND it was great seeing you again for coffee…Bonnie

  6. Now I know why I am not in the groove! Thanks Tara, you just helped me label my problem…I don't have my teaching stamina! Hoping it builds back up soon! It's been an exhausting start to the year!

  7. Yes, my fellow teachers and I are talking about how we need to build our student's stamina but we also need to build ours. I know it will come back but I wonder when. I think I'll make a note of it on my calendar and then tag it for next year so I can remind myself that it will happen…eventually.

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