Slice of Life Tuesday: ….and Elizabeth takes off again!

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Elizabeth and Grandma, 1990
On Monday morning, before the sun had a chance to make its presence known, my daughter Elizabeth boarded   a  flight to London where she would complete her graduate studies.  It wasn’t so long ago, it now seems, that I sliced about Elizabeth’s summer adventures abroad, and what that had felt like as a mom.  Well, she arrived home about a week ago, packed up, and took off again!
This time, though, Elizabeth is going home, in a way – to her grandparent’s home, where she has spent many a summer holiday.  There, my mother has spruced up the guest room (not that it needed it, but my mother is a perfectionist and likes everything just so), and made a lovely place for Elizabeth.  One of the consolations to this latest journey of my first born’s is that she will get to spend time with my parents, especially her grandma – a very special lady.  This time, Elizabeth will get to be with her grandmother and get to know her adult to adult – two very different generations, but two women who are very much the same: strong willed, fiercely independent, deeply interested in the world around them, unafraid to challenge themselves in all sorts of endeavors.
Here in New Jersey, I will be imagining their many conversations, the meals they will enjoy over stories of travel, books and great wine, and the discoveries they will make about each other.  Here in New Jersey, I will be celebrating the experiences they will have together, grandmother and daughter, and missing them both.    
Elizabeth and Grandma, 2011 


10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: ….and Elizabeth takes off again!

  1. Wonderful pictures-then & now. Love that your daughter has this opportunity to be, as you said, adult to adult. I know my daughter loved spending time with my mother after she was grown. I hope you at least get to travel over for a visit, Tara!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter to know her grandmother in a daily life, rather than the special visits from the past. I love the image your first sentence created. Perfect example for show not tell.

  3. What a great experience for two important women in your life. Your heart full of love shows through for them. Now I am imagining all they will learn about each other that you already know. Thank you for the photos.

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