Slice of Life Tuesday: An impromptu reading workshop

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

Four years ago new neighbors moved into the house next door, and this “new family” of three (mom, dad and an adorable toddler by the name of Annie) settled in.  We had a kid just about to graduate  from college, and two in high school, and they had a live-in nanny (no need for baby sitting services from any of the Smith kids), so apart from seeing each other as we came and went and the wave hello or the odd greeting or comment on the weather, we never really got to know our new neighbors.  Well, Annie is now in first grade and walks the same route to and from school every day that my kids took. I see her bright pink back pack and lunch box kit left on the lawn next to her scooter every now and then, and just the other day there were balloons and a bouncey Moonwalker thing in the driveway – Annie had another birthday party, but this time there were tons of kids, not just grandparents and aunts and uncles. Annie, it seems, is getting to be a big girl.  
After everyone had left and mom and dad were busy cleaning up the paper cups and streamers and birthday debris, Annie made her way to her private spot under a tree that is right next to our garage.  From my office window, I could see her settle down with her fluffy little dog, Lucy, whose collar was festooned with a variety of birthday ribbons and bows.  Annie had a gift bag full of books, and once she had made herself and Lucy comfortable, she began reading out loud.  It was a warm afternoon, and I could hear her little voice  lift and fall – she was reading as first graders do: knowing some words, remembering others and making up what sounded right with the pictures.  Every once in a while she’d turn to Lucy and explain something about the story, or ask a question about a character or event and Lucy would oblige with a lick on the cheek.  It was such a sweet little scene – a reading workshop for two.  

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: An impromptu reading workshop

  1. Enjoyed your slice very much, Tara! I have heard about "Read to Rover" programs in a nearby county. Kids come and read to specially-trained listener dogs at the library. It sounds wonderful for kids who don't have a Lucy!

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