Slice of Life Tuesday: Thanksgiving togetherness

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Back to school after the Thanksgiving break…a grey and cold November morning.  My kids look sleepy, a bit confused that we are back to classwork and homework and projects and such.  One, in particular, also looks sad.  As we move from one period to the next, his mood does not lift.  Concerned, because he is usually a rambunctious sort of kid, I catch him on his way out the door to lunch.  Normally, he is the first bounding out of the door, but today he moves reluctantly.
John, I ask, is everything alright?  He pauses, thinks, and, just as I prepare to hear of some terrible news, he says, I guess I just miss the Thanksgiving togetherness.  Thanksgiving togetherness? I ask, somewhat mystified. Yeah…you know, when everyone is in one place.  He went on to explain that he had had a cousin home on leave from Afghanistan,  his aunt and uncle in from California, and his grandparents down from Maine.  Plus his big sister was home from college and his best friend from fifth grade was back in town after having moved away to Florida.  We’re never all together anymore…so I guess I’m missing that Thanksgiving togetherness, he said, shuffling out the door.  
I thought about my own family – kids and brothers and nieces and nephews and parents and cousins scattered all over the world…and started to long for that Thanksgiving togetherness myself…

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Thanksgiving togetherness

  1. I agree with your little guy. At my brother's Thanksgiving a cousin arrived with his daughter and her new baby and her Australian husband and his family joined us. Bruce sat down next to me and sadly confessed as we began to talk casually " I've lost my daughter." Ugh, I'm sad just like John. It's exciting to have kids travel the world, but what happens when love hits?

  2. Yep! It was wonderful to be together this past Thanksgiving, to sit and eat and laugh over old times, especially our last one in this house, Tara. There are times when I wish we were closer to extended family too. It is a challenge when everyone is spread all over. Thanks for reminding us of the important things.

  3. Well said by John. The Thanksgiving togetherness – amazing how he was able to capture his feelings in words and we all can relate to what he is feeling. That's why we need these holiday! Otherwise we would just continue going on with life forgetting about what is most important: family.

  4. Can you imagine how much you would have "lost" if you had not questioned him? The magic of a caring teacher probably helped HIM understand and perhaps even appreciate what a wonderful weekend he had. I too could write a post about the gift of begin together and at peace.

  5. I love the way you captured the morning for us and then this students who was sad and moody. Aren't you glad you asked? You'll never forget this student or his precious phrase . . . "I guess I just miss theThanksgiving togetherness." It's a phrase that will stay with many of us. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is all about togetherness and being thankful, and, of course, food! But there is no interruption of all the parties, decorating, shopping, hullabaloo of Christmas. I miss it too.

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