Slice of Life Tuesday: Sharing "The Circle of Kindness"

 Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers
Some of my kids were all agog the other day…they had a video that I just HAD to see.  They would not tell me what it was all about, just that it was “awesome…just AWESOME!”  These seventh graders had lived through so many videos I had felt the need to share with them last year, videos that made me smile, cry or just think about deeply and felt they needed to share the experience as well… now it was their turn to share .  So they crowded around my desk, called up the video and set the stage so that we could all watch the following together:

And then we talked…well, mostly they talked and I listened.  And I heard how much my kids wanted to live in a world like this, where kindness was not the unexpected thing.  They loved each gesture of consideration, they loved the way one act of spontaneous kindness led to another and another and another…”it’s just never ending, come to think of it!” one of them exclaimed.
I looked around at all the happy faces crowded around my little desk, and thought to myself: well, this is the holiday spirit right here right now….a wish to hold onto in the weeks ahead, and the months beyond.  I love middleschoolers!


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