Slice of Life Tuesday: The flu finally arrives….

 Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers
When John pulled up his chair next to mine for a reading conference last Tuesday, I had a feeling that his downcast look indicated something more sinister than just the back to school blues.   So, when I began our conference with the usual “How’s it going?” I knew I would hear about something other than: “wellll…I’m in this part of my book that I don’t really get…”  and I was right.
Right away, John listed all the stuff that ailed him: he was stuffed up, dizzy, a bit headachy, and also a lot queasy.  I reached for the wastebin…but too late.  And, after much drama and clean up and general excitement (sixth graders live for stuff like this, I’m convinced) we tried to settle back into normal life.  I knew I would not see John back in school again for a few days, the question was, how long would I last?
By Friday afternoon, I had my answer…not long.  I barely managed to pack up all the notebooks and writing folders I somehow thought I’d get done inspite of what I already knew to be true: I had the flu. Slinking out of the building, I carefully navigated my way home – the fifteen minutes stretching out into hours.  I hauled my way up the flight of stairs, had the presence of mind to change from teacher lady clothes into comfy pajamas and crawled into bed…there went the weekend.
Today, I logged on just to send my colleagues lesson plans, and then crept back into bed.  At noon, feeling better and longing for a return to normalcy, I checked in again to see if my lesson plans had been delivered.  They had.  But there was also a little note, from John: “Dear Mrs. Smith. I am sorry.”  

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: The flu finally arrives….

  1. Awww, he wrote you a note. So sweet. A small consolation prize for getting sick.The flu is awful. Blech! I have to get a flu shot b/c of my asthma, but it's not always effective. (I sure hope it is this year.)One of these days I'll have to blog about my "no vomiting" rule from my classroom days. That was a good one.

  2. BTW: Thanks for volunteering to be the welcome wagon. 🙂 (How cheesy are the names I came up with in that SOLSC post?) What number challenge is this for you? I want to say five or six. Has it been that long?

  3. Aw-w, so sweet of your student, and I'm sorry you got it, Tara. What a nasty thing that stomach flu is. I always just want to go to bed, too. Hope tomorrow goes okay. And I can't believe you've done this five years-what a wonderful thing! I'm looking forward to March, & slicing, maybe with my house sold & all that mostly behind me! Best wishes.

  4. Who knew getting the flu could lead to a sweet note. I am sorry Tara that you caught the bug. I hope you're feeling better, but I really hope you had some amazing books at home to read. I am sure you did 🙂

  5. So sorry you got the bug, but the note was so sweet. I can identify as I came down with an intestinal issue five days before leaving on our December trip. Fortunately I was better by the time we left.

  6. Sorry you were struck by this nasty flu that seems to be all over. Even having a flu shot, I came down with it. Fortunately only a one day stint, but enough to know I don't want it again. How sweet your student was to send you a a note.

  7. So sorry you are not feeling well. We were talking at school about which is better, getting sick during the holiday or missing a few days of school. The consensus was that being sick during holiday is SO much less work, but at the same time you miss SO much of fun stuff. Hope your recovery is quick!

  8. Ugh…my first thought when I read your title. I loved how you wove us into your story. We all felt your pain as the flu arrived. And I'll bet each and every teacher who reads your post will smile and think ohhhhhh as they read the end. What a sweet kid to send you the note……

  9. Tara, so sorry you have been sick. I have to tell you, though, that I laughed at your line, sixth graders live for stuff like this. Too true! So sweet of him to write you a note!

  10. So sorry that you didn't escape it! I hope your recovery keeps moving along. One year, I came down with a stomach virus on my birthday (and so did one of my kids). Now, every birthday seems a bit better, just because I'm not spending it throwing up.

  11. My favorite line is the one about changing from teacher lady clothes to pajamas! I guess it never occurred to me that others think in those terms too. My first rule on the first day of school (ever since an unfortunate experience during my first year teaching) is that if students have to vomit, they should grab the garbage can and head to the washroom or nurse (the garbage can will serve as their pass and a receptacle should things happen more quickly than they anticipated). The last, last, very last place I want a student who is ill, is next to me asking to go somewhere 🙂 Hope you feel better quickly so you can thank John in person (for the note, not the flu)!

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