Slice of Life Tuesday: One moment in the Inaugural Day

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers
Inauguration Day was spent with my students. We watched the pageantry of  the swearing in, and my kids had lots of questions about who  was who and why things were done in the way they were done.  It was history in action, democracy in action,and they are old enough now to really be able to remember  the day in the years to come.   
But, I  think that my favorite moment yesterday was this one, when the newly sworn in President paused for a few minutes to take in the view:
It seemed as though everyone else was in a rush, they had seen and heard the important parts (the swearing in ceremony, the poem and songs,the speech),and they were on to the next event of the day.  But, our President stopped, turned around and spent more than just a few minutes looking on and reflecting.  Others in his party paused for a moment too, wanting to humor him, perhaps, but then they, too moved  on.  President Obama stepped aside and let them pass, but he gazed on.  There was something wistful yet intense about his expression – a sense of determination, of conviction.  He did not allow his concentration to be distracted or deflected by guests streaming past him, and they looked puzzled  to see the man of the hour standing there still.  But he was unperturbed, a man looking backward and yet forward at the same time.

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: One moment in the Inaugural Day

  1. I loved that moment. I tried to watch the speech with my kids, but the live stream kept buffering and it became a distraction. But it was a great day and a beautiful moment.

  2. We just got done talking about this at lunch…we were all moved by his resolve. My other hero James played right before the swearing in. This was such an amazing day and wonderful that it took place on our MLK holiday and that everyone in IL could watch. XO

  3. I got goosebumps when I saw this on the news last night. I love the way he savored it. It reminds me of what we tell kids to do when they're writing. Stop and observe. Take it all in. Pres. Obama is a great mentor in so many ways.

  4. I just might share your photo and thoughts with my students; to show that even a president needs to take moment to reflect. Thank you for paying attention to the details!

  5. I loved this moment, too. I remember trying to do that ages ago at my wedding, pausing to take it all in. We are so often overtaken by the rush to get on to the next thing. I think this speaks to his character. He contemplates, thinks, and doesn't act rashly or quickly. We should all practice patience.

  6. After I saw this moment, I was not able to catch whether the camera was able to catch what he stopped to marvel-I wonder what the view was like for him…what a memory, what a slice! How awesome that you were able to share it with your students!

  7. I too loved this moment. It was a deliberate and touching scene to see our president stop amidst the flurry of the day to take it all in, perhaps to etch the moment forever in his memory.

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