Slice of Life Tuesday: Back to school for me…and Sophie

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

Thanks to Sandy, we’ve had a short February break this year, Friday to Monday, in place of our week long winter recess.  Come April, we will have a short Spring Break as well, for the same reason.  Short though they are, these breaks are delightful – I just about skipped out of school last Thursday, feeling the same need to take a break from our routines as my kids did.  Four days to catch up on reading, napping anytime I felt like it, and spending time with this darling girl: 

Sophie loves school breaks, too – provided we don’t stick her in a kennel and take off for parts unknown.  Everywhere I went over the past four days, Sophie was right by my side – even preparing a cup of tea involved her companionship.  I loved it.  Her soft brown eyes watched me do this and that, and she seemed to evaluate my actions, consider what I was up to, form private judgements about their merits: walking? wag that tail a lot! napping? more wags! Cook or bake? be on the alert for the happy chance that something edible would fall to the floor just in time.  She was a happy doggie.
But, very late last night, I started packing up my school stuff, and I could see a sadness creep into her eyes.  You’re off again?! Sigh.  She sat at the doorway to my office, watching every reading journal and writing folder make their way into my many book bags.  She watched me sharpen my pencils, hunt about for my readaloud, gather my lesson plan book and my papers.  She sighed a lot.  There was no tail wagging…just thoughts of another lonely school week to look forward to.  Poor Sophie….
PS: The Nonfiction Picture Book event 10 for10 is a wonderful event hosted by Cathy at Reflect and Refine  ,  Julie  of Write at the Edge, and Mandy , of Enjoy and Embrace Learning. Many fellow slicers will be sharing their nonfiction favorites, as am I on this post

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Back to school for me…and Sophie

  1. Sophie does have very expressive eyes! I can picture her sighing. Our cat Cleo loves when people are home sick because they lie on the sofa all day and she can get lots of cuddles. Sophie seems like she would be "Dr. Sophie" as well 🙂

  2. What a sweet girl! I miss my pup so much…but I'm not sure, right now with all the traveling that it is a good time to start a new life with an new poochie friend. xo

  3. We used to have a dog named Sophie, too, Tara! What a sweet picture, and slice! I understand & remember how hard it was to say goodbye at the door. They do know when you start packing, don't they? Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. I feel like I know your Sophie, waiting for the "happy chance" and forming "private judgments" and her time with "no tail wagging". Of course, when you return from work, she will be there full of love and happiness.

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