Slice of Life March Challenge : my daughter turns 18

The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

At 6:15, the designated time, I parked my mini-van in the high school parking lot, and waited.  The lacrosse team trooped back from practice, students streamed in and out – rehearsals, practice, forgotten-items-pick ups….the usual hustle and bustle of a Friday night.  Soon, the doors swung open, and six lovely ladies made their way towards me – my passengers had arrived!
Led by my daughter Olivia, 18 years old that very day, they looked beautiful: lovely dresses, sky high heels, hair done “just so.”  The school day was done, play practice was over, and they were headed into New York City for dinner and karaoke singing. A birthday party fit for turning 18.
All the way to the train station, I could not help glancing through the rear view mirror and taking in the happy scene.  Some of these girls had grown up with my daughter, and I remembered younger versions of these sophisticated teenagers, riding in this very van, traveling here there and everywhere.  
Blink…and I was picking them up from soccer practice – six sweaty, tired-out-but-happy girls, ready for showers and dinner.
Blink…and I was driving to a Girl Scout field trip – six giggling scouts, in their badge festooned green vests, eager to earn another badge.
Blink…and were were driving back from play practice – six future Broadway stars, singing as though there was no tomorrow.
And, blink…here we were, driving to the station, six young ladies ready to have an adventure in Manhattan, happy and excited to be on their way.
They say time flies faster when you have kids….they are right….
Olivia: First big a Capella concert
Olivia: First day of pre-school


20 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge : my daughter turns 18

  1. I love this slice, and love how you used the repeated "Blink!" to share the snapshots of Olivia growing up (and I love the name Olivia, it's one of my favorites)! Hope they had fund singing the night away!

  2. Like everyone else–I loved the blink. I went through it with my own boys and now I am going through it with the grandkids! You just have to savor every moment.

  3. What a post! Your words capture the passage of time just like this hymn I love, "Time flies on wings of lightning…" So glad that you captured this special evening in words.

  4. Tara, thank you again for inspiring me to slice! This post was beautifully written. I really loved how you showed how quickly time has passed with the scenes of Olivia and her friends–from six young girls to six sophisticated young ladies ready to take on the city! I hope Olivia had a great 18th birthday!

  5. I was impressed that the six girls were able to grow up together, going through all those changes and experiencing them as a tight-knit group. I hope they are able to stay in touch.

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