Slice of Life March Challenge #10: Girl Scout cookies time!

The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

Just as I was walking into the grocery store on my usual Sunday morning food shopping expedition, I spied a table a short distance from the entrance laden down with Girl Scout cookies.  Girl Scout cookies were nowhere to be found on my shopping list, however, so I continued on my way.  But, those Girl Scout cookies remained on my mind as I made my way, aisle by aisle, dutifully shopping only for what we needed – only what was on the list.
Aisle by aisle, item by item, sticking to my list, I could not ignore the fact that those cookies were calling to me: don’t you want a box of delicious Thin Mints to help you lesson plan the rest of your day away? Won’t your daughter thank you for a box of delightful Samoas with which to study for her next test? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a cupboard full of delectable treats for those moments when you need a little something sweet to lift your spirits?
Aisle by aisle, item by item, sticking to my list, I began to remember all the years when my daughters were Scouts and we’d haul cookies from door to door in our beat up American Flyer wagon, trying to read our order forms and make sure that we were delivering the right cookies to the right people.  All of which reminded me of the time when our garage, at this time of year, looked like this:

So, by the time I’d checked out, I was determined to buy a sampling of family favorites…just for old times sake, and to support the cause. The Girl Scout in charge was a  5th. grader by the name of Annie.  I knew she was in charge because she gave me the whole sales pitch: “We’re raising money for this totally cool trip to the Rocking Horse Ranch where we’re gonna help clean up and get ready for Spring season.  So, it’s like for a good cause.  And our cookies are just the best and you can’t like buy them at the store, you know. And, they’re like $4 a box which is a great deal. And we have all these new kinds, also the old kinds, and some are even like low fat, so you can have them and they’re GOOD for you. And you can buy as much as you want.  My dad’s trunk is like packed with cookies.”
Dad stood by, nodding vigorously.
“So, like, buy as much as you want. ’cause, like, you’re not gonna get a chance to get them again till next year.”
Her sales pitch was great.  And I blamed that for the fact that I got carried away and bought $48 worth of Girl Scout cookies…which made Annie, her fellow Scouties, and her Dad very happy.
I was also pleased that my family greeted the following offering with a resounding: “YESSSS!!!”  
As my daughter Olivia says: “Girl Scout cookies RULE!”


15 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge #10: Girl Scout cookies time!

  1. I will forever be loyal too…and yep, last week, one whole line of thin mints in about 10 minutes. I love to eat, read and write. xo Thanks for the awesome post.

  2. Wow! You did go cookie crazy Tara! They are so good though-yum! Samoas are my favorite. I have to hide them though because Kam can't eat anything with Peanut butter in it-allergic. Enjoy those treats!

  3. YUM! I love, love, love girl scout cookies! And you are supporting a good cause right? Usually some neighbor girls come to my house, but they haven't shown up at the door yet this year! And we have had blizzards two out of the last three weekends, so I haven't seen anyone at the grocery store either. Hope I do before the season is over! I need some Thin Mints! And those peanut butter ones that used to be called Savannahs! Perfect for lesson plans or studying!

  4. Wow-you were a cookie MOM-that was a huge undertaking. I helped a friend once-I admire you a lot Tara. One regret with my move is that I gave up my freezer, so I cannot stock up any more with those cookies. I bought what I could stuff in my fridge/freezer & gave some away, but almost out now-boo too! I imagine this slice will bring lots of memories, Tara.

  5. You had me guessing the whole time you were shopping. But in my heart of hearts, I knew you would buy some on the way out. Your family and the Scouts were so happy you were a shopper today. Enjoy those tasty treats, I truly enjoyed the treat of your story today (and no calories :-)).

  6. My daughter is a Girl Scout…we have about 10 boxes in the freezer right now. Those cute little Girl Scouts are stealthy…I intended to by just a few boxes from my daughter but then she reminded me that we ate them too quickly last year-better buy more this year, #1 likes this cookie, I like that cookie, Daddy likes that one…which one do you like best Mommy? Oh yes, they are good. And then…Mom, will you buy a few boxes to donate to the shelter? to send to the soldiers? Yep. I'll buy a few more. It's a good thing they only come around once per year!

  7. Oh you are the tricky one when I scanned your slice and saw the first picture I was really worried. WoW Tara you really did go over board I thought. So by the end $48 worth seemed almost conservative. You were the conquering cookie hero when you got home, too.

  8. Right about now, while taking a break from writing my lesson plans, a few girl scout cookies would just hit the spot! Your photo really impacted your story. Enjoy your cookies!

  9. I spent more than a few blustery winter afternoons standing in front of grocery stores with my daughter. I'm a sap for the sales pitch. Usually I buy a few from my students, but most from the girls braving the weather. I was afraid as I read your post and you were sticking to your list, that you might walk on by. Thanks for stopping and succumbing!

  10. Your garage image brought back – not so wonderful memories of my years as a GS leader – there were always extra boxes taht someone (the leader) had to cover! Yet, all in all, I still have good memories of GS and what it did for me. I no longer eat much sugar or flour, but I still bought a few boxes for servicemen, guests and my husband – for when he is REALLY good!

  11. That's a whole lot of Girl Scout cookies. I'm staying far away and it's not so hard for me. But last night it was all about the Crumbs cupcakes in my freezer and I didn't have to defrost them for satisfaction 🙂 Enjoy the evils of life .

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