Slice of Life Tuesday: My daughter’s magnificent, delicious, very timely, save-Easter-Day cake

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This Easter, I finally felt that I could make the dessert my husband has been requesting for the last many years – profiteroles.  I had gone right to the source, Julia Child, and took comfort in her assurance that this was a delightfully easy little dessert, it took no time at all to prepare, and looked like this:
So, after I had prepared the main events and had them all baking away merrily, I went about measuring and sifting and melting and following Julia’s directions carefully.  Everyone was gathered around the kitchen island, yakking away, while I went about this task.  Perhaps it was because I had had such success with the ham and the fixings that morning,  or maybe it had more to do with the excellent champagne we had opened to toast our youngest’s feat of getting into every college she’d applied to, but I was feeling very confident… These profiteroles were going to be well worth the 23 year wait!
Soon, the kitchen filled with that lovely aroma of baking – and I began to receive compliments, which pleased me at first and then made me nervous.  I started to remember that I had not really measured out the butter quite as exactly as called for, and that I had lost count of the number of eggs I had used – there were five shells in the waste bin, and the recipe had called for four…but didn’t someone have an egg for breakfast? I should have checked…but it was too late.  
I was hoping for some privacy when it was time for the big reveal, but I couldn’t very well ask everyone to leave when they were having such a good time…so I opened the oven door and out popped a tray of brown and misshapen rolls – a sad and sorry sight.  There was a quiet moment – my family wrestled with conflicting emotions…they felt pity for the cook who had slaved away and with such good intentions, but they also knew that these rolls were undoubtedly inedible.  
“I think they are supposed to look that way,” my ever loyal husband offered, “but I’ll bet they are just perfect inside.”  No…he was wrong about that.  These were weight lifting profiteroles, discus throwing profiteroles, hockey puck profiteroles….any sport but eating profiteroles.  I was downcast, but not defeated – I had bought a ready made, just-in-case blueberry pie, so we would have dessert after all.
Just then, I noticed that my daughter Olivia, who had been dancing around the kitchen chopping pineapples and whipping up cream cheese, had slid two perfectly formed cake tins into the still-warm oven.  She gave me a friendly, don’t sweat it, Mom, wink.  She had  a just-in-case dessert plan as well, and good thing, too…for this is what she baked:
Olivia’s magnificent, delicious, very timely, save-Easter-Day, Hummingbird Cake!

18 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: My daughter’s magnificent, delicious, very timely, save-Easter-Day cake

  1. Oh, I have been in your shoes before…the perfect dessert planned that doesn't work out perfectly. Your daughters dessert looks amazing though. You'll have to give those profiteroles another try on a less distracting day. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

  2. One time, I forgot to put in the sugar in the cake. It wasn't just non-sweet, but hard! I love your descriptions Tara, so fun, those hockey puck, discus throwing, anything but eating profiteroles! So glad the hummingbird cake by Olivia saved the day. And congrats on the college admits-a great feat!

  3. Oh dear! I have been there many times! But it's usually with the main dish! So glad your daughter was able to save the day! And I want a piece of that yummy looking cake for breakfast this morning!

  4. Now you know Julia Childs is a liar. Simple, easy, I think not. What a fun story! I love the reflection on the egg shells in the trash. Hmmm, did someone have one for breakfast? Yes, some cooking takes concentration, I never do well with a first time recipe and an audience. Lucky you to have a daughter working in the background. All in all a great day for your family.

  5. I just love your post – I have SO been there. This year I tried a magnificent mousse – but made a box mix and a batch of brownies as back ups! I am of little faith when it comes to my baking abilities outside of cookies that I taste as I go along!

  6. Want to hear me talk about chefs whose recipes don't hold true? Try RR's 30 Min. Meals!My presentation skills aren't that good. Kudos to Olivia for making the cake look so nice.

  7. I was in a similar place on Friday afternoon. I burned the cake! I have never burned a cake before. My daughter came to the rescue with fruit that served well bot vegans and celiacs. Beautiful cake by your daughter!

  8. This is not just a funny baking story it is a heart warming family story. I could see the happy, festive scene in the kitchen, feel your distraction, envision your family wrestling with what to say. Then dear Olivia effortlessly producing a lovely cake. Best of all a family story to pass on was born! (But it really isn't fair to post such a tempting picture if we don't get a piece! πŸ™‚

  9. Hooray for Olivia! She's smart AND she's a baker–how great is that. I'm tired and I'm heading for bed, but I'm so glad that I read your post because you have made me laugh! Thank you!

  10. Darling Livy – what a dream girl she is!! I am still dreaming about our wonderful Christmas desserts that she dished up.Btw. never believe Julia when she says it's easy!

  11. Love this bit: "weight lifting profiteroles, discus throwing profiteroles, hockey puck profiteroles….any sport but eating profiteroles." And, of course, I love it that I'm not the only one with stories of spectacular cooking failures!! **wink**

  12. Such a fun family story! I love ever loyal husband's comments. I could picture your story wonderfully as it unfolded. Congrats to daughter for the cake & college admission!

  13. Your willingness to go for it, without a net, shows your comfort level with the group gathered. I can picture looking into the bin, counting the egg shells, and trying to piece the process together in your mind. How wonderful that your daughter thought to have a net. Will you try them again?

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