Back from Spring Break!

     Back to school tomorrow after a delightful Spring Break.  I am thinking that my kids will still be in vacation mode and will no doubt be in this frame of mind:

…and that’s okay.  We’ll take the day to adjust.  I am imagining that everyone is as mellow as I am, although one or two will be looking out the window, and remembering just how delightful Spring Break was…they will surely be contemplating this:

…but that’s okay, too – just for tomorrow.  After that, we get back into the swing of things, for this is what lies directly ahead: State Testing – the dreaded New Jersey ASK.  
     This is it – the home stretch of the school year: the week of ASK testing, our field trip to Philadelphia,  Fantasy and Biography book clubs, three more writing workshop genres to dive into, our Social Studies units on slavery and the Civil War, Civil War Day, and lots of reading and poetry to enjoy.   The pace picks up, we are busy, busy, BUSY… and yet we find ourselves looking around at each other, at our classroom and we actually start missing each other already.  The end of the year, we realize, is not that far away.  
I haven’t done any school work over the break, and let this blog lie idle – instead, I read, spent time with my family, and rested.  I am ready for that home stretch!

3 thoughts on “Back from Spring Break!

  1. That cartoon is too funny because we still one more week until we finally get our spring break, but I know that's how my kiddos will be thinking for the next few days too!

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